23 July 2010

Out of my comfort zone

Happy Friday

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been nannying a little girl and her friend for the last four days. It was actually good fun. I felt very maternal and I tried to get them out of the house as much as possible because it was such a lovely sunny week. We played in the park for hours, had a picnic and two treasure hunts! All in all a good time...and I got paid, so thankfully no longer skint!

In LYPLYP a few days ago we were asked to find our photography comfort zone and then the next prompt was to move out of it. My comfort zone is people. It always has been. the reason I scrap is to record those special events with people, those everyday moments with people and my lfie as a teenager with my friends.

I photograph people to record moments like this:
Occassions like this:
And memories like this:
For me, breaking out of my comfort zone is taking pictures of inanimate objects. Ok, I do a few landscapes every now and again and I did a bit for photography AS, but otherwise, taking pictures of objects out of choice freaks me out!

I also thought that I would take this prompt the whole way. I never ever shoot in black and white. I am not adverse to black in white. I actually love it. I just figure if I shoot in colour i can always convert to black and white! If you haven't shot in black and white either, give it a try. Its actually really interesting because you become far more creative. the picture has to have a great composition for that is what stands out. Not the colour.

Because i am crazy I also decided to try some post processing editing. I never do this either. Take life as it is is my motto, but I did find some lovely actions on the Coffee shop blog! (try it out, honestly, its fab!) So..these are my results! (ok, a few people did sneak in! eeep!)

So, that is the story of the comfort zone! Now I have a bit more time, I will hopefully stop by for another post sometime soon.

Thanks for reading.

Loves xxxxx


humel said...

Worth waiting for :-) The composition of these shots is stunning - they're like art! And as you know, I've been discovering actions too and I love the effects you can get :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

glad the nannying included payment, otherwise wouldn't it have classed as slave labour? glad to see you back on the blog and what a g8 post and photos. i have similar issues with posed objects, i mainly take people, landscapes, flowers, trees, parties etc and memorioes in general i love the coffee shop apps too and will be having aplay in the future.
Jo xxxx

Lulu and her whimsical ways! said...

well done, those shots in black and white are fabulous, you should step outside of your comfort zone more often!

p.s your people shots are adorable too!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job! Although I love photographing people, too! One out of comfort zone thing I'd like to try is an actual "photo shoot" for portraits (that aren't sports portraits).

Anonymous said...

Hey Abi! Great to have you back! Our comfort zones are completely the opposite ones - so I will have a try with PEOPLE... sometime.... if somebody will be in the near of me. I like your inanimate pictures! It's unbelievable how a simple peg can be that beautiful!

Amy said...

Abi you do out of your comfort zone very well!
I prefer taking photos of people as well - objects never seem to have the same sort of personality, but these shots today are certainly moody and evocative - well done :-)
I don't use actions very often but I'm tempted by these ones http://florabellacollection.com/blog/
they are quite lovely for people and nature shots.
Have a lovely weekend :-)