14 July 2010

You turn my frown upside down..

Hi .
This boy is in Scotland! Scotland! Do you know how far away scotland is????! He's so sweet though and texts each night and quite literally "turns my frown upside down"! Gotta love him.
So, in Shimelle's class the prompt was to use the ground as a tripod and take pictures from there. i used my fixed 50 mm lens. On second thoughts it probably wasn't the best idea as it doesn't have auto focus. Therefore picture me lying on the ground in our back garden desperately trying to focus a camera! I love the results though because of the gorgeous depth of field. happy smiles!So glad a car didn't come along at this point! eeek. what I do in the name of art!Cricket stumps. Common thing in our house. This is probably my favourite photo because of the colour and angle of the tree. My brother gave me such a strange look when I told him to continue watching TV whilst I got down on the floor and proceeded to take photos of him. When I told him it was for the class I am doing he rolled his eyes. So far he has seen me getting up close to him to get good depth of field and take in depth photos of tea cups as well as balancing a teddy on the windowsill. I don't blame him if he thinks I've gone mad! Lol!
Had another driving lesson today. Managed to reverse around a corner! a car who was waiting for me went past after I'd finished reversing and the driver gave me a huge wave and a big thumbs up so I assume it wasn't too bad! parallel parking next lesson! ahhhhh! Warning do not park your car on the roadside this week! Abi is on the loose!
Thanks for stopping by. enjoy your day.
Loves xxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

gotta love the text!!!!! loving those lying down pictures abi, i have entertained my cat, who was so excited she got into the pictures!!!!!
only have a point and shoot so not as arty as urs but hopefully i'll get some better ones when i can go out and about again.......this cold virus is a killer
Jo xxx

debs14 said...

The tree photo is my favourite too but the path with the lavender comes a close second!
Good luck with the driving x

Lizzie said...

Fun photos, Abi! The Boy sounds so sweet... he has a great smile too.
Sounds as if the driving lessons are going very well. Soon we'll be hearing that you passed your test!

humel said...

Try not to miss your boy too much xx

I always love your photos Abi - and I'm glad I'm not the only one who does strange things (and gets strange looks) in order to find the 'right' shot!

And finally, good luck with those driving lessons :-) I parked in a hedge on my first lesson....

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great post! Can't wait to try this prompt.

Anonymous said...

Oh, loooove your pictures! Hope the rain stops soon so I can start my practise in the manual mode on the ground!

Becky said...

Loving your photos - my fave is the path leading to the door - great depth of field there too. Good luck with the driving lesson :)