3 October 2010

Autumn editing

Hi all.

Just come to the end of a very manic week at school. This time of the year we have a house music competition. Each house has to put on a performance that lasts 20 mins consisting of if possible an ensemble, soloist, choir and the infamous house song where everybody gets on stage and sings their heart out complete with actions! As you can imagine, helping to organise a housse of around 70 girls and get them all singing in unison, in tune and smiling was pretty tricky! The atmosphere of the night was incredible as it is all highly competitive! We didn't win but we had so much fun!

So what with that and random things for head girl I have been running around all other the place. Thankfully next week is quieter so hopefully more time to blog! he he! One of the perks this week though was a dinner in oxford. It was really beautiful and I manged to snap this picture of the buildings. They really are this colour!

Back to the title of the post ( I always seem to go off on one!). I love this time of year when autumn is setting in and the leaves are all crispy. I actually don't even mind that it is getting colder. I look forward to the pretty sunsets and the incredible colours. The only thing I don't like about Autumn is the rain! (which is what it did most of today! hmmm!)

I thought I'd give the camera a work out and take a few pics. I edited all of these in picnik and love how they turned out!

Sorry for the short post, thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you all had a good weekend?

Loves xxxx


Maria Ontiveros said...

I know what you mean about this time of year being jam-packed! Weekend is busy, too, but it's nice to have a bit of time to blog wander this morning. Love your description of the music competition. Reminds me a bit of the U.S. program "Glee," which is very fun and all the rage here.

debs14 said...

Sounds like you are enjoying being Head Girl and thoroughly throwing yourself into all you have to do. People don't realise how much you have to fit into an already busy year. Pleased to hear you enjoyed your music competition!

scrappyjacky said...

Certainly sounds a busy time for you,Abi...busy, but fun.

Jennifer Grace said...

Wow, your school sounds fun! I love your pictures, the autumn leaf one is delicately beautiful.

Sinead said...

love all the pictures, the editing is perfect! know what you mean about being busy - up to my eyes with college work at the moment!

humel said...

Oops, missed this post when I did my catch up! Great photos, and I love the editing. I hope you've had the quieter week you wanted! xx