29 October 2010

tangled up!

Hi all!

Sorry for the longish absence! Mad mad week! Wednesday I went up to Durham to visit the uni. It was magical! Confirmed my wish to study there. The only downside is the journey up! It took about 5 hours on the train! eeeep!

I didn't bring my camera but wished I had because it is stunning. We poked around the sweet little shops and the cathedral which is just amazing. I also visited the school of education where I would do my degree (I'm thinking of combining history and education). The admissions tutor was fantastic and told us that he was looking for the person rather than an academic genius! So nice to here this sometimes as so many univerisites are just looking for the grades. So... positive experience and well worth the trip up!
(Oh and the accent....I sounded so posh!)

Back to the title of the post. I am (much to my mothers horror) having a go at knitting a patterned scarf! It is so tricky. All the wool gets tangled up, dropped stiches. I swear you need twenty fingers to knit with three balls of wool!

 This is my progress so far! If any one has any tips on how to knit with different colours, it would be much appreciated!

Back to school on sunday so last few days with the family! Thanks for stopping by,

Loves xxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

use smaller balls of wool and weave in the strands as you go.
Jo xxxx

Lizzie said...

Ah, that's just what I was going to suggest..
Good luck with the scarf - looks great so far. Just think how proud you will be when it's finished and you can wear it!

humel said...

Ack, apologies - I missed this post somehow! Here I am at last :-)

Durham is just beautiful, a really stunning location and a good university too. I've visited it a couple of times and The Doctor has done research trips there. History and education sounds like a good plan!

I can't help with the knitting, but it looks like Jo and Lizzie already have - it looks great to me though xx