11 October 2010

Monday sequence

Happy Monday
Monday sequence is actually on time this week! Its far more ambiguous than last week but really there is no correct answer. Take what you will from the pictures and then if you want play along, take your own pics and post a link in the comments so we can all admire them!

Thanks for stopping by

loves xxxx


scrappyjacky said...

My link would be 'time passes'....but your lovely smile hasn't changed much!!

debs14 said...

Birthdays and quite literally 'birth' day?
I agree with Jacky, that smile hasn't changed a bit!

humel said...

Interesting :-) Hoping to have time to join in this week! xx

humel said...

I've just shared 3 photos of my own on my blog: http://ispeakmelsh.blogspot.com/2010/10/timely.html

I also have a layout in progress - thanks for the inspiration, Abi! xx

Anonymous said...

Just found you Abi, love your blog, & love this idea! x