25 October 2010

Monday Sequence

Happy Monday

Todays sequence is according to my brother obvious! but my challenge today is to draw something extra out of it. What speaks most, the lack of colour, the contrast, domesticity, home? Whatever it is, have a go at taking three sequence pictures realting to these and post a link so we can all enjoy looking at them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxx


JO SOWERBY said...

ah monday is laundry day. i remember mangling the clothes with my mother and no i wasnt born in edwardian england before u ask.
i am amazed by the number of socks on the line and that they are paired, obviously ur washer doesnt do the amazing disappearing sock trick.
hope u r enjoying half term still,
Jo xxxx

scrappyjacky said...

I remember Monday being laundry day when I was a child....we'd run out of clothes if I only did laundry on a Monday!!!

debs14 said...

This makes me think of my son coming home in November as it's reading week at uni.
1. He will bring home all his dirty washing
2. He always wears odd socks (fashion statement? or just too lazy to pair them up?)3. Because of number 1. my house will resemble a laundry for the first day he is back!

humel said...

I love seeing your sequences Abi - I hope to play along this week too xx