27 December 2010

The Christmas aftermath!

Hi all

Hope everyone had a fab christmas!  The Beach household certainly did. Yesterday was spent catching up on sleep and today everyone is far more chilled!

 Like a lot of the country we were so lucky to still have snow on the ground at christmas. In fact we still had seven inches so it really felt like a winter wonderland!
A few snaps I took last week playing in the snow in the park. No my mum isn't really that tall-she likes to think she is though!

I have a lot to catch up on this past week! last monday we visited are local national trust house which is decorated for Christmas. This year there were these beautiful reindeer in the grounds.

During last week we also took the obligatory photo of the children at christmas! this year including the disgruntled cat! ha ha!

The other cat meanwhile was getting in the festive spirit and helping himself to egg and soldiers!
Bless him!

The snow persisted right up to christmas day and the littlest brother had great fun pulling these off the guttering! 

So Christmas eve dawned and we all stayed up till midnight to troop off to church in the snow for midnight mass. It was a lovely service, however the boys got rather hyper being up so late! It was an early start on christmas day at 7.00am! And yep I was up a good half an hour before that!
Santa had done a fab job and I got lots of lovely scrapbooky things as well as some clothes and chocolate! Santa has also added to by scrapbook book collection, so some more eye candy to look at!

Each year I try and make something for the table and this year everyone had their initial at their place

It was a lovely christmas lunch complete with make your own truffles!

My favourite present this year was this baby! It is incredible and I have already used up two rolls of film! Its a fisheye lomo camera so I can't wait to see what the results are like! The middle brother got a guitar and as he is somewhat of a musical genius has been serenading us having learnt in what two hours! Jealous much!

The littlest got what he has wanted for a very long time... I will just leave you with his adorable expression!
So a very happy Christmas over here! Back to revision now.. booh shucks! Hope everyone had a wonderful peaceful christmas!

Thanks for stopping by! Loves xxxx


Miriam said...

Ooh such a gorgeous post Abi! love your initials and the face of your young brother! that was a hit then xx ps can't wait to see your fisheye pics.

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like you all got what you wanted.

Lizzie said...

Great post Abi! It looks as if it was a really lovely Family Christmas at your home.
We had a good time. Santa brought the Boy a Nintendo DSi (one of the large ones) and he's hardly put it down since - except in the shower, bed or mealtimes! Your little bro. looks very happy with his i-pod!
I also got some crafty gifts - printing plates for my L-Letter Press and some great sewing accessories too. Finally, I have a lovely pin-cushion (in fact two, as I got a storage jar with one on the lid as well).
Merry Christmas to you - sooo envious of your great camera. I hope you have a wonderful time playing with that (in between revision sessions)!

humel said...

Sounds like you had such a great time - thanks for sharing the details :-) The camera looks a lot of fun! My main gift was my first ever dSLR, woo hoo!! xx

Sinead said...

Sounds like you and your family enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Abi and got some great presents!:) Enjoy the rest of the holidays xxx

Rachel Brett said...

The littlest ones face is classic! I'm so jeleous that you had snow at Christmas, it looks beautiful :)