18 June 2011

The end of an education// goals for this summer

The end of my education. I officially finished my exams on Thursday. I cannot explain how weird it feels to wake up in the morning and know that I have no work, no revision and no exams to prepare for.

The boy and I were discussing the fact that we cannot remember a time in the last three years when we haven't had something on at school or work to do! For me I will have no work for a year as I am on a gap year next- a very bizarre thought.

The end of the last exam was a typical rush of hugs, huge grins, shrill squeaks and champagne. Then we did what girls do best...open the chocolates and watch films!

With the end of exams comes a whole set of summer goals. Little things I have been saving  for this time of freedom:

Make a new patchwork quilt possibly to cover my whole bed!
Document my summer in a mini book.
Go strawberry picking- lots!
Take more pictures in the sun. Play around with different shutter speeds and effects.
Make a new skirt or dress.
buy some espadrilles.
Paint my nails red.
Fill my wrist with crafted bracelets- as you can see this one is in the making! Tutorial here.

So... a few things to keep me busy then. If anyone knows any great sites for tutorials could you drop me a link? Thank you.

On a side note you may have noticed the new button in my sidebar. This is link with love. A new movement set up to try and credit images and artwork to their owner. On the Internet it is so easy to take other peoples work and forget that time, money and thought have gone into it. Hopefully through this we can encourage people to link up with original owners and thus share work with love! More info can be found here.

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Loves xxx 


Sian said...

Sounds interesting..

I really hope you get to do all these things and enjoy your freedom - you deserve it!

scrappyjacky said...

You've a lot of ideas to fill your weeks of 'freedom'.

Jo.C said...

Have a fab summer you deserve it and I look forward to reading about your exploits :0)

JO SOWERBY said...

so looking forward to seeing you enjoy life as a free woman not a ''school girl''. i went straight from exams to student nurse and have never had a gap year. looking forward to seeing what ur summer and the next year holds,
jo xxxx

humel said...

Congratulations! Happy summer :) I've been visiting and reading all your recent posts but Blogger problems and then computer problems prevented me from commenting on them.... But I've enjoyed reading all about what you've been doing (bunting, mainly, right?!)

humel said...

PS You're very welcome to pass on the video I found :) It's on Youtube (I googled King's English Youtube to find it) xx

Unknown said...

Oh my.... THAT box of chocolates :D