24 June 2011

The moment

Stephanie wrote this post the other day and reading it really hit home.

As a scrapbooker I think I do get hung up on the photo, the composition and the light. In my head each picture needs to say a lot, needs to have great depth of field.

The bottom line of this is it doesn't. That in actual fact that fleeting moment on film is what I want to record. I want to document the moment not the photo.

Looking on these photos I won't remember the shutter speed but the laughter.

Rather than see the bad composition I will see the face that for a fleeting moment is pensive before he cracks into another joke.

Rather than hate photos of me I will treasure the fact that the boy takes an interest in photography and took the time to point the lens at me.

Rather than see the shot of the back of my head I will see the moment when he pulled a face and I creased up.

Rather than record the poses I will record the candid scenes.

Rather than focus on the photo. This Summer the next goal is to focus on the story.

More on these photos the day,  the story and the sweet couple I took photos of later.

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Loves xxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

i so love you guys abi. you're so lucky to have found each other. i agree with all ur statements and find that i am less conscious of the perfection and the candid stuff.
jo xxx

ps r u coming to shepton for christian camp this year? xxx

Beverly said...

Point well made, you are learning some important things early in life. The Boy's shirt looks like different size banners, coincidence or did you pick out the shirt? :)

scrappyjacky said...

Perfectly written,Abi....and those are great photos....even if not technically perfect!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome post Abi. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of this important point!

Sian said...

Wonderful stuff Abi

humel said...

Great link, Abi, and great response to it. You're both so right - photos that capture our memories and tell our stories ARE perfect, whether they're technically brilliant or not. Sometimes I get too distracted by the other stuff too (though I'm nowhere near as talented as you are at it!) and while it's fun to be creative with my photography, I mustn't ever let that get in the way of recording those moments for me and my family. Thanks for this reminder xx

debs14 said...

Absolutely agree with all this Abi, a photo doesn't have to be perfect to bring back happy memories or make you smile. Sometimes you just have to capture the moment.