30 December 2011

Favourite photos//moments of 2011

So, the final installment of my little trip through this years album.

A final week with close friends. I just love the happiness in this photo.

I think my favourite picture of the year. Enough said really.

 Our leavers ball. Such a joyous occassion.

 Our family holiday to Cyprus. I think Hot best describes the experience!

 Getting my A level results outside a cafe in Polis. The best news to hear I had got into Durham.

This photo makes me laugh . Grandma had just been marched up a hill! ha ha!

 I still don't know how we managed to capture this picture but the motion blur is fantastic.

Starting life as a working woman. Probably the biggest moment of 2011.

 Getting used to the boy being away at university.

 Isn't the expression wonderful?!

Our traditional christmas photo for our parents. It turned out well this year.

Thank you for sharing in my nostalgia!



scrappyjacky said...

Love that christmas photo shoot,Abi.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the roundup, great choices of great memories, Abi! I adore the last one of you and the Boy and the Christmas card photos are awesome. I can't find your email so check out my post today and look at the Pinspiration blogging event I am going to have on Tuesdays, it sounds very "Abi" to me ;) happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I love everything about this post!! x