16 April 2012

Right now April edition

Right now I am

Excited for a new little project that is brewing (more in the coming weeks)

Laughing over top gear

Debating about buying the Downton Abbey Christmas special ( not really seasonal I know!)

Enjoying planning the boys birthday present

Experimenting with an art/photography journal.

Eager to start my final term of work but also sad that this will be the last.

Eating far too much easter chocolate.

Loving the brightness pillows and a new quilt can give to a room.

Re-reading some old favourites.

What has April got in store for you?



Lizzie said...
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Lizzie said...

(sorry, deleted the original comment, as forgot something important...)

Yay, The Railway Children! I have been reading through the Collected Works of several children's authors from C19th. I started with my "old favourites" from childhood and re-read them, then I read whatever I could find that was written by the same authors. So far, have read all of Frances Hodgson Burnett, much of Louisa May Alcott and Susan Coolidge (so much is accessible now, that I couldn't get before I had a Kindle!). I've discovered several other American writers through these women, which is interesting, also that each of them wrote for adults, as well as children. I have also learned loads of UK and USA political and social history, through my "reading programme" - it's teaching me loads! I'm also enjoying myself, which helps!
I need to do similar for some more adult fiction too, quite soon (when I finish my current series though!).
I am sure that it is good for adults to read (good and well-written) children's fiction. There is a lot in good fiction, that can educate us and make us think, even if it was originally written for children / teens.
Glad you're enjoying a bit of a re-cap too!

I love your photo-list above - and I like how the orange coloured pencil is so much more used than the rest - what did you use it for (if that's not too nosey!)?

What will The Boy have for his birthday.... What is the Project that involves a paper bag with "stripes" written on it...
May we see a photo of the brightened up bedroom, with the new cushions etc?

I hope you have a lovely "last term" with your little group at School!

Beverly said...

well, this post is full of mystery and promises...hopefully we will seeing parts of the art journal, hear what you give the boy and admire the new quilt :) I am catching up on orders and a few custom albums before I do a long term sub position that starts in a few weeks.

Sian said...

Supporting my two through exam revision is what my April is all about I think. This year has gone so very quickly!