25 April 2012

This is why I take photos

I was looking through some old photos on my computer.
I found this from the boy.

(Yep, this has to be the worst photo ever taken. I apologise.Go with it for now!)

We were fifteen.
This was in answer to my question about whether we were "together" now.
I love my fifteen year old self for taking the photo.

I love his answer even more.
"I suppose we are because it kind of feels like we are."

This my friends if why I take the photos.

Have a glorious (if slightly rainy) day!


Beverly said...

I love that your 15 year old self took that photo, too! Bit behind on my blog reading so reading in reverse, the header looks great!

Lizzie said...

Rather sweet and quite romantic... aww...
Glad you took that photo! Don't you feel a scrap page coming on now?