28 April 2012

The sad story of the lost scrapbooker

So this isn't a very happy story- well it is but for different reasons.

I don't really scrap anymore.

There. I said it.

And yep, it saddens me.

I don't know when the break came about or why it happened but it did. I think it was a combination of little time, much work and a feeling of frustration.

I know for others it is different but for me, scrapbooking takes a long time. We're talking days.
If you know my situation, you know that I am not living in one place for extended periods of time, I am about to head off for uni. It is incredibly difficult to come back to a layout after weeks of not seeing it.

I also started to lose sight of why I scrapped. I started to look at how I scrapped and if it lived up to how others scrapbooked. Inspiration is all well and good but when you start to feel that your layout doesn't live up to others, that's when it is hard.

So, I did less and less. I am naturally crafty so I turned my hand to other things. I have done a lot of sewing and knitting and other paper crafts and embroidery and making my own clothes. I have found these crafts amazing. I have started to experiment with ideas. The mobile kites came from an initial picture I saw online and tried to conceptualize in paper and fabric. I have become more confident in my own ability to create something beautiful and practical.

The other reasons I have turned to textiles is that they are mobile.
I can fit them in my handbag.
For a girl who travels this is amazing. I can be crafty wherever. You have to admit, scrapbooking is not so very easy to cart around!

I am sad that I do less and less of the craft that got me blogging. I am sad that for a while I didn't like looking at layouts because I felt upset that I hadn't done one in such a long time.

But you know what. I am still crafty, I am still creative. I think our crafting has to evolve.

The other day I sat down with a clean journal and started filling it with receipts and train tickets and photos. I got out a pen and just wrote about them. Documenting their story.

The photo stories that first attracted me to scrapping.

I don't think it will be too long before those 12x12 pages are dusted off and the jounral expands onto patterned paper.

This craft thing we do, it's circular in the end.

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furrypig said...

really interesting post Abi. i know exactly what you mean about not feeling your LO's don't live up to others. I wanted to start scrapping and it took me years because I never felt I would be good enough as I was in awe of so many people's work. I did start in the end and I am so glad but I still feel a little bit like it now and it is partly because I spent so long 'looking' ie surfing the net/blogs and not enough time actually 'doing' as I usually like my pages in the end. Being happy with what you create is important and different things suit us and fit in at different times in our life. Just don't get rid of any of your kit as I am sure you will want to come back to it all. enjoy your textiles! XXX

Lynn said...

Abi - I think many of us have felt like this from time to time. I have certainly had moments when I have wondered whats the point of scrapbooking. For me it all made sense about a year ago - its all about the stories - the pretty paper etc is incidental - it is about capturing the stories which I think you certainly do here on your blog. Don't give yourself a hard time - enjoy what you are doing what ever it is.

debs14 said...

I think it is just one of those facts of life that different times and situations lead to different chapters and just because you aren't scrapping now, doesn't mean you won't go back to it in the future. I've had many different crafts that have been my primary interest over the years and sometimes it's really nice to pick one up again. Enjoy whatever it is that you have the time and space to do at this moment.

Lorraine said...

Hi Abi,
I don't scrap anymore either but that's not to say I won't. Yes, I take a LONG time on a page and it takes loads of time, space and solitude, which I rarely have anymore. I have a scrap room full of products that I jokingly say are my retirement plan. What's a girl to do! So, I am attempting project life this year. This way I will keep up and won't get further behind.

Portable textiles huh! Now that sounds like a good idea. : )

Beverly said...

Abi, I have found it both fun and inspiring watching you turn your hand at so many crafts this year. You are truly talented and I love seeing you stretch into new areas. I am fortunate in that I have never had the roadblock of comparing myself to others, I do what I like, what my family loves and know that is what is about for me.

scrappyjacky said...

I love trying out all different crafts and sometimes 'leave' one....only to come back to it much,much later.I've been knitting....and loving it....lately and I hadn't done any knitting for about 10 years!!!! You'll come back to scrapbooking I'm sure.....just enjoy the 'stitching' crafts you're into for now.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great post today Abi. I think we all go through phases of practicing different crafts. Glad you're finding your way back to scrapping in a way that fits you.

Lizzie said...

Good post, Abi! I haven't been scrapping much recently either - the only time I have made any pages, for about the past 6 months, has been at my once-a-month Scrap Club. And then only because I decided I would make pages, rather than take bookbinding work with me. I actually look forward to Scrap Club, because then I get to do something "for me" without feeling that I should be doing something else. If I scrap at home then, like you, it takes ages to finish even one page.
I have tried various crafts over the years - picked them up, put them down. I used to like counted cross-stitch embroideries, because they come in all shapes and sizes. When I travelled around by train, I could pop a project in my bag. I could keep an embroidery project next to the sofa and pick it up in the evening, do a bit, put it down and still be able to pick up where I left off.
I've done sewing, other needlecrafts, painting, crochet (not much knitting - don't like it really), card making, scrapping, other papercrafts. Just now, I scrap occasionally and make the odd extra book for fun - as opposed to making books to sell.
So, I think you are very normal! We all go through phases like this. Doesn't mean you will never make another page - or that you won't want to use your papercrafting skills for other stuff. Nothing wrong with any of that.
The only thing that matters is that you are enjoying your leisure time, in whatever way suits you best.
Oh, and that you don't let what others are doing discourage you or put you off doing what you want. Because your way is the best way for Abi!
Have a lovely weekend and a good week at school. xx

Sian said...

It is. It's completely circular. Over the years I have picked up and left down many many crafts, but I always come back to them and I'm always making something. What would life be without crafting,eh?

Amy said...

I agree! Not that I am a particularly crafty girl by any means. And, if you really feel the need to scrap and need to be portable, dare I say it, you could embrace the digital world of scrapping!

Jennifer Grace said...

Have you ever listened to the Paperclipping Roundtable podcasts? When I read this post of yours it made me think of this episode of the podcast: http://www.paperclipping.com/prt097-yes-yes-and-yes/

You can listen to it online. It's all about how the term scrapbooking is maybe not the best term for what we do - but memory-keeping would maybe fit better. Because what you are doing on your blog, and with photos, and jotting down any ideas / keeping tickets etc, is still memory-keeping. It doesn't have to be all about the 12x12 layouts. And one day you might want to go back to them, but if not, it doesn't matter - what ever makes you happy is what's important, right?! x