1 April 2012

Storytelling Sunday- The story of the reluctant poser


It's the first sunday of the month and yep, you guessed it, it's Sians storytelling sunday! hooray!

These are two stories, which do have a small link, (I promise)

I am very aware that I often post pictures of the boy and they look lovely and finished and nice. Well the previous 20 are not like that so here documented is a typical conversation the boy and I will have on a typical dog walk and the resulting photos

Him: "You've brought the camera."

Me: "Yes." (Why wouldn't I have my camera?)

Him: Audible sigh

Me: " You love it really!"

Him "mmmmh"

Me: " Look around please"

Me: " seriously? the dog or me?!"

Him: "ok" Poses " better?"

Me: "yep, thank you!" "hang on!, we're not done!"

Me: " Just walk away from me and when I call your name just smile."

Him: finding this all very amusing.

Me: " just smile will you?!"

Me: " Oh my word, not with the chuckie!!!"

Him: " here, give me the camera, I want to take some photos."

Me:  Throwing the ball for the dog "Yes!! Did you see that throw," waving the chuckie in front of him. " You didn't just take a photo of that?"

Me: "YOU DID!"

Him: gleefully holding onto the camera.

Me: "ok, take a picture of both of us."

Him " Oh I hate this whole hold the camera in front of you thing."

Me: "Yeah well your tallest, I always chop our heads off."

Him: " Now it looks like you are pulling my neck off."

Me: "oops, yeah let me hold it."

Me: "Finally." "Hang on, T." He looks round

"Got it!"

Could there be a more reluctant poser?!

The second story concerns something the boy told me the other day. "Darling" he said, " A friend of mine showed a picture of me and some others to a girl in her lecture." "This girl asked my friend, whether the boy in the picture (me) was famous?" "My friend looked very surpirsed and said, no that is just one of the boys who does Geography in the first year."

Turns out this girl follows my blog and had seen pictures of the boy on here and therefore recognised him! If you are that person, please please comment because that is the funniest, craziest most rad thing that has happened in a while!

Thanks for stopping by. Please do check out some more stories on Sians blog because there are some amazing tales out there!



Sian said...

Aw! He is lovely :) Maybe some day many years from now you two will be looking back throught the blog and this one will really make you smile :)

Funny, TTO was in London last week and I don't know what made me think - wouldn't it be funny if Ruth or some other blog reader spotted him!

Thanks for being here today Abi. Love it.

JO SOWERBY said...

bless his cotton socks for being such a fab sport. i am sure he loves all this fame stuff really. i mean how many gorgeous guys at uni can say they're famous for their cool girlfriend? i thought by the way the orange thing was the poop-a-scoop, duh!
glad ur enjoying Easter hols together,
jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

The lengths we go to to get a good photo!!!!

Victoria said...

Hi Abi,

Unless 'the boy' has been involved in two very similar occurrences in the past week or so, I am the 'girl' in your second story! I started following your blog via various other crafty type blogs a while ago... The other day, I was on Facebook and saw photos of a former student of mine (I am a Geography teacher) at her uni Geography ball... Thought that the boy in the pictures looked familiar and eventually worked out that I recognised him from here!!

It's a small world!! (Or 'that's globalisation for you' as a geographer probably should say!)


Miss Smith said...

That's totally, crazy - small world! I love these pics and I do the same sort of thing when snapping pictures of my friends. But they're getting better at posing and quite enjoy it now. I think?

Lovely stories :D

Ruth said...

Really great post, I laughed out loud!

Beverly said...

Great stories, I think even when they pretend like they don't care for it they are glad we do it. Very cool that he was recognized! I love the photo of him amused, the one he took of the 2 of you and the last one but they are all adorable as is he ;)

Ruth said...

Oh, my! I would know TTO instantly and probably embarrass him in front of his pals/girls/random passers-by ...

Missus Wookie said...

Love these photos - makes me wish that Wookie and I had had cameras when we were young and first together :ah: Always makes me smile to see that 'resigned to having their photo taken' look - so recognize it :)

Anonymous said...

fab! beautiful photos too - love them!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great story/conversation! I love the one of the boy looking down and the kiss!

debs14 said...

Love this sequence of pictures and the narrative between them!

Unknown said...

What a great way to tell the story. I got quite caught up in it, like it was a movie on TV. And he is famous you know ... to all your readers :-)

Lizzie said...

Lovely story Abi - and I laughed at the "is he famous?" comment! The Boy has a good sense of humour and is very good really, considering that he has to put up with the camera up his nose on so many occasions.

There are some really lovely photos there - especially the ones of the two of you. X

Abi said...

Thank you for replying! Ha ha, what a small world it is indeed! It is so lovely that you recognised the boy and thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog once in a while!

furrypig said...

loving the stories connected in many ways, photos, the boy, blogging etc etc!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! :-) can imagine it exactly like that!