17 July 2012

It's all in the details- photographing the little things


Another day, another photography post.

Everything I have covered so far in this mini course has been about the "big picture". The people, the places, the important moments.

Something that is often forgotten is the details. I think it is so important to capture those everyday things because they are the things that often change. In a few years it will be fun to look back on those small things, those things that made up our daily lives.

I find that the best way to capture the little details is to use my mobile. More often than not I am on the move and very rarely have my big camera with me. The dawn of instagram has also made mobile photography more of a possibility.

If you are new to capturing the details, here are a few of my favourites to look out for and snap.

1. Food. At a special meal or family get together it is fun to photograph what you are eating. It is a great   technique to use on a layout as well; the photos of the main occasion and the people and then photographs of the dishes you chose. I also love to capture my cups of tea and coffee when I am on the move! And, let's be honest, food can look pretty cool, I mean look at those amazing teapots!

2. My workspace. I think it is important to document where you spend a lot of your time. In years to come this is a fun thing to look back on.

3. Craft projects. This may sound obvious but how often do we photograph the process of crafting? I often take a photo of the finished project, all set up with nice lighting etc, but hardly ever get shots of the nitty gritty stages. Not only can the photos of the process be fun to look at, for me it is also a great way to remember how I made something.

4. Feet photos. This is one of my favourite types of photo to capture. Not only do I capture my shoes ( I mean, what's not to love about photos of shoes!) but I also document the place and who I am with. This photo for instance is very precious to me and I wrote about it here. 

Capturing feet also respects peoples privacy. When I was working this year, I couldn't take photographs of the children and post them here, even though they became quite important to me. I didn't feel it was too bad though to capture their feet! Often the feet tell more of a story!

What details do you like to capture?

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Clair said...

Oh! You know, I found each of those little details so endearing, but I really started to smile when I realised that I'd found someone who likes taking 'feet photos' too. I'm a little obsessed!