7 July 2012

What I will miss

After a year working in a prep school, I will miss...

  • Waking the girls up and being greeted by that warm sleepy eyed look.
  • Singing Happy Birthday at breakfast time
  • The endless anecdotes accompnied by "Miss Beach, Miss Beach"
  • Piles of folded school clothes on the ends of beds
  • Shoe check in the morning
  • Book bags littering the edges of the playground
  • The sound of wrong notes from familiar songs played carefully on the piano
  • Saying hi to the children around school
  • Reception hugs and sticky fingers
  • "Matilda night" ( when I read the book to a dorm of twelve girls)
  • Four year old tears
  • Four year old grins
  • Staff room biscuits
  • Films in the girls common room
  • Talking with the children about their day at supper.
  • Pupils gathered around the new team sheets
  • Watching them build dens in the wood
  • Listening to readers
  • The tempromental photocopier
  • The parade of girls in the shower room complete with dressing gowns and shower caps.
  • The mass exodus from said bathroom when there is a spider in there.
  • Prayers before bed
  • Saying "night" at lights out and hearing a chorus of "night night Miss Beach" from each bed.
Gosh, another year down. Another new adventure awaits!


Gina said...

This sounds so great! You must have had lots of fun :)

debs14 said...

It's obviously been a great experience for you and I am sure those girls have very fond memories of their year with Miss Beach!

Jennifer Grace said...

Sounds fantastic, I like that you built dens in the woods. x

Sian said...

I love how you have made a list - that way you'll never forget! I hate the end of the school year, even now. It always makes me sad. I don't like endings...but then I'm always, still, really happy in September becasue I love beginnings! All the best with yours x