3 July 2012

The last weekend-captured

The last weekend with all the borders. Captured.

Naturally I took a lot of photos of the children- I hope you understand why I can't really share them here!

Listening to the feedback from my giveaway post the call was for more photos! Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks or so for a fortnight of photography tips and challenges!

Thanks for stopping by!

Operation speak out won't be happening this month, simply because of a tight schedule and manic end of term rush at my end! I will be back with a vengeance in august though!


scrappyjacky said...

Great photos,Abi....love the hose pipe.

debs14 said...

Abi, I can't believe that year has flown by so fast! The children are going to miss you so much and it sounds like you've had great fun in your time there. Fab photos that really sum up a memorable weekend. Love the rainbow!

Lizzie said...

Already it's the end of your year, Miss Beach! I bet you will miss the children - and they will miss you.
Love the photos - looks like a fun weekend with your little boarders!
Have a lovely holiday - and then you will be a Big Girl at University (eeeeee!)

furrypig said...

great photos, I thought the hosepipe was a bottle of champagne initially! My favourite are all those gorgeous piglets xxx

Jennifer Grace said...

Looks like it was a good send off, I love the photos of the piggies and the facepaints! x

Clair said...

Some amazing photography that really captures the meaning of summer. Just gorgeous!