4 July 2012

Seriously?! July! Didn't we just have June goals. Not that it feels like July with the weather we are having.

July is set to be a busy busy month with lots of family time and several big projects in the works.
These are my goals:

-Spend some quality time with the family
-Buy my laptop for uni
-Learn how to use skype.
-Try on a maxi skirt ( I say this with total apprehension being a mere 5ft,)
-Play around with photoshop/ graphic design
-Start a triangle quilt for uni
-Experiment with ink and watercolours
-Buy a darning foot for my sewing machine.
-Start up a photography workshop/ fortnight on the blog

What are your goals this month. If you feel inspired to write your goals down do link up in the comments!


debs14 said...

I think you will achieve all those goals! It will be good to tick them off as you go through the month. I'm only an inch taller than you and I've bought a couple of maxi dresses over the last couple of years. Be prepared to get the sewing machine out to take a few inches off the hems though! If you pick the right style, being petite can look really good in a maxi - go experiment. Looking forward to your fortnightly photography posts!

Jennifer Grace said...

I want a darning foot too! x