29 October 2012

Chunky wool and wooden needles.

There is nothing better than a new project.
In a new place I often go back to things that are familiar, things that are easy. Chunky wool is just that. It's soft and warm and easy to knit with. It hides mistakes pretty well and in a county where we have already had snow it is just perfect!

A few of you asked what I was knitting. I am knitting another cowl. I can't get enough of these things and in Durham they are perfect. I am knitting one stitch blue and one stitch white for 15 stitches for those who want the details. It's turning out rather funky if I do say so myself!

I have never used wooden needles before but they were all the shop sold. I think they may have won me over. They are beautifully tactile and feeding soft chunky wool across them in the late afternoons is so nice.

Coming back to knitting in the late Autumn is wonderful.
What's your project at the moment?


humel said...

I'm knitting too lol! In fact, while I'm actually knitting a scarf, I'm doing it with 2 wools together as inspired by your cowl :) I love the 2-tone random flecked look!

Your wool looks so beautifully soft, and I love the colours :) I can't quite get my head round alternating the colours in this way though - I think I need to try a small sample piece to see how it comes together. Can't wait to see your finished cowl! xx

Sian said...

Yep, more knitting for me too! Another jumper in the same pattern as the last only a rich blackberry colour and very soft.

Cowls certainly sound perfect for Durham - it gets pretty chilly doesn't it? Your wool is lovely.

debs14 said...

Cowls are certainly very trendy at the moment and an ideal knitting project. Love the colours you are using.
I'm hoping to pick up my knitting needles again very soon but am having problems deciding what to make. So much choice! I think a pair of fingerless mittens may be on the cards, perfect for dogwalking!

alexa said...

Lovely photos - could be in glossy magazine :). Such pretty colours together too. I have some bamboo needles and they are much smoother than the metal ones.

Karen said...

Love the look of this cowl! Although I certainly can't call myself a knitter, when I do I have always used wooden needles.