22 October 2012

Life right now- according to Instagram

This is life right now according to Instagram

Top Row left to right: I spent a lot of time waiting at bus stops whilst working. Stamping some new pillows, experimenting with painted quotes.

Middle row: stationary shopping, sweet shopping and curling up by the fire as the Autumn evenings started to draw in.

Bottom row: My birthday crockery, stunning October skies and a full car ready to head up north.

Top Row: Oh hello Durham, amazing lighting across the water, making new friends.

Middle row: I love getting letters in the post- reading this one on my way to a morning lecture. My new home, getting lost in the scary library.

Bottom row: Glorious walks by the river, drinking a lot of tea, loving life.

I'm sorry again for being so rubbish on the blogging and commenting front. I read and value every comment that has come in over the last few weeks. Instagram has been a saviour in keeping you guys and family updated! I love this app.

As usual if you wish to follow me my username is abibeach. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Sian said...

Wow, have you got me wishing I had a lovely record like this of my first few days at university. It's one to hold on to!

humel said...

No need to apologise :) We're always interested to hear from you, but we quite understand how busy life is for you! Love this update xx

Rachel said...

pleased you are having so much fun in Durham, might have to meet up next time i am up there at home, its a gorgeous city as I'm sure you are finding out and nice to hear so many lovely things about the north, which always seems to get grief, grim up north! i think not lol :) x