9 October 2012

In this city

I have to be honest. I was nervous about moving up north. I mean, if truth me told it isn't warm is it? And then there is the accent problem. Would I be seen as a southern softy?

Why was I worried?
I have fallen in love with this city.
This city on a hill with all of its traditions, all of its grandeur alongside the rugged informality of student life.

Each day I walk down along the narrow cobbled road my college is on and then across one of the many bridges. Yes, it's pretty cold, yes I can see my breath and yes my coat is definitely out, But, it is just so beautiful.

Who can say that they have this view every day? The way the sun bounces off the river or the water is disturbed by the quiet splash of oars.

I am enjoying exploring the narrow streets, the little alleyways and the secret shops. Each day I am learning something new about this city, Each day I walk a little further afield. Each day there is something different; new music, new street sellers, new markets.

I don't know whether it comes from never living in a city before but I am enthralled by this new experience. This city is rich and vibrant and has a rather impressive number of coffee shops as well!

Wherever I go I look up to the hill and see the cathedral towering proudly over the city. What a special place to live and how blessed I am to be able to call it my new home.

Again thank you for all your kind comments. I am stopping by your blogs whenever I get a free minute but am still getting to grips with all the ins and outs of lectures and seminars. I am sorry if I don't get around to commenting etc, but rest assured I am missing it and am stopping by your blogs never the less to catch up on all the news! 


Maria Ontiveros said...

What lovely photographs and so glad you are loving your new home.

humel said...

Oh, Abi - it is indeed beautiful :) And it will always be special to you now, wherever you may live in the future - it's 'your' city now :)

Karen said...

It is, indeed, lovely. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs. I'm glad you've settled in so quickly.

Sian said...

It's beautiful! I was there once for a day in the snow - just wait, lots more photo opportunities are just round the corner :)

It's so good to hear you are doing just fine. I've been thinking about you this week as the students start to appear round town here

JO SOWERBY said...

Lovely pictures Abi and a lovely place. I went to Durham for a day when I was in York for a school trip. Little did I know I was going back to my family roots as my dad's family come from Hartlepool on the coast.
Hope to hear from u again soo,
Jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

It looks beautiful,Abi.....and I'm so pleased you're loving it.

Beverly said...

Thank you for sharing these pics, now I can visualize you "in Place". I am so happy that you are loving it. My prayers are with you on this amazing part of your journey.