13 October 2012

The handmade touch

One thing I LOVE about a new room is the handmade things I can fill it with.
I like my room to feel very "me".

That means a whole load of bunting, a few pretty quilts and of course plenty of photos.

It makes me smile the number of times my friends come into my room and comment on the decorations. It is so simple to do but man it makes my space feel special.

When I went to uni I debated for a while about bringing my sewing machine.
I am so glad I did.

All the materials for bunting for just £3! Yes please! (tutorial to come!)

You can't beat the handmade touch. And the best thing is my friends are already asking for sewing lessons! Spreading the crafting love my friends!


humel said...

Yay! Good for you :) Your room looks very fresh and pretty and homelike - very you :)

Sian said...

It looks brilliant! You've got me wanting to hunt out the picture I have of my student room when I was in my first year. You can see all the bits from magazines I cut out and stuck up (not as nice as the bits you have!) and Ted Fred: he's there too

JO SOWERBY said...

before u know it they will be scrapbooking and blogging. so lovely to see ur room and the decor. i have a small box filled with the postcards i decorated my nursing home room with all those years ago. i didnt craft then really but if i had, my room would have had lots of pretties too,
jo xxx

Abbie said...

So awesome! I so agree - you cannot beat homemade stuff - particularly when it comes to presents!!

Jennifer Grace said...

I'm glad you are influencing your friends with some crafts already! x