31 December 2012

BE- One little word for 2013

All of the photo graphics in this post were edited by me. Feel free to pin and reuse! 

Last year I decided to choose one little word for the year. I chose "Glorious".
Now I won't lie, it didn't dramatically shape my year but it was a small voice in the background. It made me re-access certain situations, especially regarding blogging. I liked having a focus for the year, I liked channelling, certainly my creativity and blogging, around it.

Choosing a word this year was hard. There were a lot of words I played around with including, abide, wait and still. Still nearly won out I tell you! But I wanted something simple and paired back so I settled  on "BE".

Be is important for me this year.
For the first time I am settled. I am not finishing school, I am not on a gap year. I am at university for three years. This is stability friends! I therefore wanted a reminder to myself that just being is good. It is ok to settle and be still.

I have also noticed a tendency in myself to rush ahead. I am a planner, I like to look to the next thing. But you know what? I am missing a load of enjoyment out of the now.
Practically it is about changing my attitude for when I am with the boy. Instead of thinking how long we have left till one of us has to go back to uni, it is enjoying that I am with him here and now.
I want to be present.

There were a lot of other factors surrounding the word "be". Some personal, some very trivial. But I hope mostly that this word will just make me "stop" sometimes.

Last year "glorious" really developed into a whole new blog design. I am excited for what "be" can bring this year!

Last year I really valued brainstorming my one little word at the start of January. This last week I have sat down and stamped out some sentiments for this coming year and then created a graphic on photoshop. Hopefully this will translate into some form of paper project!

Do you have a little word for 2013?

Do drop by tomorrow for a free download of some more hand-stamped graphics....


Kirsty.A said...

Good word. Good luck with it

Karen said...

Love this, Abi! What a great choice. I think I'm going to do without OLW this year, and just go with a list of intentions. No word has come to me like it did for you.

debs14 said...

Good choice of word Abi. I think you will find this a good one to use for the coming year. I hope that 2013 will BE amazing for you!

Lorraine said...

Great word and I loved the digi goodness.

Beverly said...

Okay can I tell you how fabulous I think it is that after choosing glorious for 2012, you have chosen BE for 2013! Only thing sweeter would be if they had been reversed ;> Seriously, I think it is a great choice and one that will only make your life brighter. Happy New Year, Abi!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Fantastic. Do enjoy your life and don't rush through it. the University years are so much fun. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
And Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I love love love the top image! How did you do it? Beautiful! Oh I love typography. And YES to a year of "being" in Him. Love you lots xx