13 December 2012

Let's get festive

If i'm honest, Christmas has come slowly this year.
I think it was the weight of essays that hung over the first seven days of December.
It is also how fast everything seems to be going. One moment we are settling into uni life the next advent is upon us and we are thinking of home.

I adore this season though.
I love that we can celebrate the saviour's birth,
that we rejoice in anticipation.

This last week, now that I am done with work, I have tried to embrace all that is festive.

So far I have been to four carol services, three of which were in the Cathedral ( I mean you can't get more christmassy!)

Sung in three different choirs. The last of which we wore our gowns for. Have I mentioned how much I love those gowns?

Helped organise a secret santa and received this beautiful fabric from a sweet friend.

And started playing around with some card and craft ideas.

With all of this I am finally feeling that Christmas is upon us and am so ready for all that this season brings.

First stop..home on Saturday.

An unashamed plug: I am participating in a Christmas Crafts competition and will offer you virtual hugs if you wouldn't mind following this link and liking my pin on pinterest. I could win amazon vouchers folks, and this student has a few text books to buy! Thank you! 


Lorraine said...

Hope you win Abi.

alexa said...

That's a lovely photo of you, and a trio of beautiful belles :). Singing in a good choir and listening to wonderful music must be very enriching to your days. Safe trip home ...

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like the last few days have got you in the festive spirit,Abi.....and once you're home I'm sure you will feel really 'christmasy'.