10 December 2012

DIY star garland

Each Christmas I try and make some sort of new decoration. I saw something similar to this in a shop the other day. It was one of those moments when you look at the price, nearly fall over and then think, "oh I could make that!"

So without further ado here is how to make your very own star garland. Super easy and fun. 

1. Cut out two star five pointed star templates. You could do any size you like. Just to give an indication of mine. The big star was 5.5" point to point and the small start was 3" point to point. 

2. Start with the white felt and cut out two large stars. Then with the red felt cut out one small star. 

3. Take one piece of the white felt and machine sew the red star to the middle of it. I have to admit mine are a bit wonky. In my opinion there is a time and a place for being neat and this wasn't one of them. It all adds to the charm friends! 

4. Pin this star to the other white star. Now you are going to blanket stitch all the way round. I suggest finding something good to watch on tv, grabbing yourself a large mug of tea and then set down to work. 

5. To blanket stitch, use a contrasting thread and push the needle in between the layers of felt so that the knot is hidden inside. 

6.  Then push the needle through the front to the back, next to the stitch you just made. 

7. Don't pull too tight so that there is a loop still showing. Push your needle through this loop from the back to the front. Voila. Blanket stitch.  

8. Go all the way around the star but leave one side open. 

9. I stuffed these stars to give them a nice puff. I wish I could say I stuffed them with nice stuffing. I didn't. I'm a student. I stuffed them with wool! The trick is not to overstuff, just put in enough to make them soft then blanket stitch the star up. 

10. I made another of this type of star and then made one in reverse colours. The choice is all yours though. 

11. For the smaller stars, grab your small template and cut out two stars from the same colour felt. Really simply pin them together and zigzag the edges on the sewing machine. 

12. To join the stars together decide on your order and then grab some twine or ribbon. Turn the first star over and lay the twine across the back like this and sew a few stitches on the end of each point.

A simple Christmas garland! Now just decide where to put it!

I am entering this into the art of crafts competition. I would be so grateful and would thank you with a virtual cup of tea and biscuits if you popped over to the Pinterest page and liked my pin. Thank you! 

This DIY is part of my 20 for 20 project!


Karen said...

Oh, Abi, this is lovely. I clicked on the link to "like" your pin, but didn't find it there. I'll go back later and try again.

Abi said...

Thanks Karen. I haven't had confirmation yet from the organisers of the competition that it is up. Annoying but oh well, I hope to hear today! x

Ifversen said...

Wauw it is great! I am way behind and really can't find the time this year for projects like this - so meanwhile I'll just adore yours :-)