28 December 2012

Favourite photos/moments of 2012

Oh yes, it is that time again! The time of year when I look through all my photos and reminisce over the best moments and my favourite images!

It is also a time when I reflect that I really should back up my photos more often, and that changing computers and operating systems halfway through the year makes this post particularly tricky! 

So we start off with Christmas 2011 and the boxing day hunt, which incidentally was far drier than this years was!

I love this photo I took at the steam railway near my Grandma's house back in February.

It was strange to visit the boy at uni. I was still on my gap year and it was the first time we were living in totally different places doing very different things.

Whilst searching through the folders I found this gem taken in around March. Brilliant!

Spending quality time with the boy when we were both on holiday. This is one of my favourites of us.

April 2012. The boy, me and two friends headed to the beach. The pictures from that day are wonderful.

2012 will always be dominated by my gap year. I adored working with Children, gaining some teaching practice and capturing the funny things they said to me. It was an exhausting year but very rewarding. I can't document photos of the children here but I do like this photo of me in my easter hat ready for the borders feast!

Beautiful sunsets as spring turned into summer.

I tried to capture the memories of working in a school as my final term came around.

Photos on a family walk.

It always amazes me to go back through all the photo files of the year and discover again those moments that made it special. Such a fun exercise! Do stop by tomorrow for the second part of 2012 photos!

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Karen said...

What a fun exercise! I should do the same.