19 January 2013

Life Right Now- according to Instagram

Hello from a very snowy and cold Durham! Hoping the weekend finds you safe and warm.

I feel like over the last year instagram had a huge following and then a load of stick. I still stand where I was when I first started using it. It's fun, it's quick, it's easy and I record the everyday moments I would have missed otherwise.

I think there is a whole load of politics that comes with instagram but I will say this now. I use the app because I enjoy it. Full stop. And for that reason I love sharing my pictures on here every month.

I appreciate that a few of you follow me on instagram so apologies for those who have seen these before!

Top row left to right: Receiving beautiful christmas presents in the post from blog friends. Cooking with my favourite person and reflecting after a lovely family christmas.

Middle row: Enjoying watching the traditional boxing day hunt. Theo cat totally worn out with the festivities! Making some new plans for quilting.

Bottom row: I got a new stamp set for christmas so I have spent a bit of time playing around with ink and paper. Enjoying new year with the boy.

Top row: stock piling jumpers for the cold North. Wearing my new christmas coat on a very wet walk in the woods. Mum found the Waitrose coffee shop- she was in heaven!

Middle row: I had a go at metal stamping which was scary and fun in equal measure. I visited a uni friend for a night before heading back to Durham. The view out of the train window as the sun set.

Bottom row: Enjoying our church weekend away with these crazy ladies. The snow came thick and fast in Durham. Curling up in a bedroom to watch miranda on iplayer.

As always if you wish to follow me my username is abibeach.

Thanks for stopping by.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I'm really enjoying instagram lately and might consider a similar post.

Sarah said...

All fab photos Abi - perfect way to record all those memories!

Sinead said...

Hi Abi, sorry I haven't commented in a while - still reading and loving your blog though, but I started my first job as a primary school teacher before Christmas so things are HECTIC!
Loving all your photos as usual :D Also, your start to digital Project Life is so cool, it's going to make an amazing book at the end of the year!
Hope you're keeping warm in Durham...lots of woolly jumpers!

Jennifer Grace said...

These look great Abi, I really enjoy seeing your instagram pictures. Even if I see them on Instagram there's always some I missed when you post them on your blog. I like the one with the quilting plans, and the one with the wintry trees, especially. x

Abi said...

Thank you! So excited to hear about your teaching plans! Please make a blog so we can follow along! I'm sure you will have loads of stories to tell! Durham is cold but fun- as usual! xxx

Sinead said...

Yes I really have to make a blog - I follow tons of blogs and earlier this week, I commented on Miss Smith's 'Journal of Curious Things' blog and she has encouraged me to hop onboard the blogging bandwagon too...hopefully I will get there eventually (though I have no clue even where to start haha!) It would definitely be cool to share some of the stories from school...plenty of tales to tell already! Glad to hear Durham is treating you well:D xxx