15 June 2013

Luck for Lunch

We are wandering through York.
It is my first time visiting this sweet city and I am sold. It is like a bigger version of Durham.
I am enjoying the cobbled streets, the quaint shops and the history.

I am hungry though and our group of six start to search for somewhere to eat.
We pass a purple awning with a cheerful twenty something standing outside with an apron on.
He smiles at us, and then bursts into song to get us to come in.
We laugh and approach the deli windows.
The tarts and the cakes look so good.
We look at each other, trying to gauge each others thoughts.
My tummy rumbles. "Let's go in" I say.
The twenty something shoots us a winning smile and we all giggle in only the way a group of female students can.

I choose a chicken and chorizo pannini. I go up to the desk to pay.
There is a dice there and I look at the owner quizically.
He tells me that before I pay I get to roll the dice and if I roll a six my lunch is reduced to £1!
Today has suddenly become more exciting.
We crowd around in expectation.
Today is not my lucky day and I roll a one.

Two of my friends roll sixes and we are half excited and envious as they pay just a pound for their lunch.
Our delicious food arrives and we sit laughing and giggling at this funny little cafe. Enjoying spending time together out of Durham for a while.

Today I am joining in with Alexa's beautiful meme, "Simply a Moment." Do stop by her blog to read both Alexa's words and other bloggers as they record their moments. 


Sian said...

Don't you just love meeting someone with a sense of fun like that? great story! I love how your photos have a look of an older tourist postcard..great atmosphere

alexa said...

Such splendid photos (have you given them a vintage look?) and the excitement and enjoyment is palpable! What a clever owner who can draw people in like this ...

debs14 said...

What a fantastic original idea - I've never heard of that before. York looks really quaint.

Miriam said...

It's years since I was in York but I remember those lovely cobbled streets. I love the sound of the cafe, a beautifully told moment.

Victoria said...

What was the name of the cafe? Sounds great!

Karen said...

What fun! Chicken and chorizo are a great combination!

boysmum2 said...

Has been years since I was in York, but still an awesome city to explore with all the little side streets. Glad lunch was so exciting, what a find

Jo.C said...

It is a fantastic place. We are off to the designer outlet on the outskirts today. Whet was the name of the cafe as that sounds great and the pictures look really tasty :0)
Glad you enjoyed it.
Have you been to the Tynemouth Sunday Market as a friend says it is really worth a visit? Chance to visit the seaside too xx

Abi said...

It was called "Lucky days"!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What an original idea and the perfect name for that cafe! I love York. The last time I was there I was about your age, so nearly 25 years ago now. My boyfriend was in the Navy and I had gone up there for a ball. I had a wonderful time exploring the city. Exciting times for this West Country girl :o) Thanks for sharing your moment and helping me relive some long forgotten memories.

Fiona x

♥ Liz ♥ said...

What a brilliant idea for a cafe. Both the singing waiter and the dice idea. I'm glad you all had a good day in York.

Ruth said...

I'm planning on taking The Boy Child to York in August; I haven't been in years! Such a cool idea for the cafe/singing waiter/dice thing going on!

Cheri said...

Your photo is so timeless - it could have been fifty years ago! Sounds like a fun place to eat and spend a day!

Becky said...

What a great find that place was! Glad you enjoyed not only your lunch but the cafe too. Lovely moment to share :)

Barbara Eads said...

I love the idea of gambling for lunch! What a fun thing to do---even if you weren't lucky---you got to share in your friend's excitement!

Beverly said...

So fun to explore a new place with a group of friends. I would have also been half excited, half jealous :)