19 June 2013

The Spring Photo

A few weeks back I was looking through some recent photos. This one of the boy and me jumped out at me and I felt it needed a bit of editing so changed it to black and white. 

I love this photo and it triggered other photos to mind. There they were. Three photos, three similar poses. Three "selfies" with the camera held out in front of us. 
I went back through the blog and found the dates for all three. They were all taken in the Spring in some field or other. 

It makes me laugh to think that this photo happens spontaneously, without conscious planning, without a thought that this is "the spring photo". 

I love the progression of the photos, sitting side by side. They say, "I love this man and we have captured this moment again and again and again."

Do you find you have series of photos like this? 


scrappyjacky said...

They really do look good together like that,Abi.

JO SOWERBY said...

Awww love is in the air again. You and the Boy are just far too photogenic. My pictures don't seem to work this way, but I do have runs of pictures of my cat and other animals, does that count?
Jo xxx

Sandra said...

It shows your happy & lovely spontaneity in theses shots ... Perfect

Beverly said...

Great discovery :> I don't know that I have pictures that run like this but I do find that with family and certain friends we all have our set place in photos.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fantastic series of photos. I have a series of photos of the kids on the front stairs taken on the first day of school. I should put them all on one layout some day!

alexa said...

The black and white is lovely here - just really,seems to accentuate your lovely bone structures, the two of you! I don't often have a series but will be looking out for one or making one happen, now I have seen your lovely triptych.

Miriam said...

I love the black & white in the triptych. I am in the middle of reorganising my file structure inn Aperture, I will look to see if it is something I do. I do take progression photo's, they are such fun Oh no! another project in my head...thanks Abi..

Karen said...

I think I'd get a frame with three openings for those photos! They are perfect together, and I love the black and white conversion.