3 July 2013

Project life week 26

We're half way folks!
This is what was happening in week 26...

Instagram dominated this week. I don't quite know why considering I was home and that tends to be when the big camera comes out. I guess it's a wake up call to me to be exercising the big camera a bit more! Lots of everyday photos this week from crafting, babysitting and catching up with friends.

In many ways it was quite a quiet week so my journalling is definitely not earth shattering! I wanted to record the middle brothers birthday celebrations, making the hangers for my granny and how boring they became! I think including details like this will be fun to look back on.

I also included the story about the broken window. My brother managed to hit a cricket ball through one of the panes. I loved this photo I took of him on the same day so I changed it to black and white and added a big journalling card with the story.

A few new little things. Still loving the wrap around tags but used some more little details this week like that stripy tape on the hanger photo on the right hand spread and that fun tuesday graphic which I downloaded a while back. I am also really happy with how that little bit of journalling and hand drawn circle turned out.

Anything else: 
Part of me is overwhelmed with how detailed and memory heavy this album is going to be. The weight of what I have recorded often blows me over. None of it is very deep but I don't think there has been any other year when I have recorded in such detail each week of the year. Even when I scrapped I don't think I wrote this much!

I am so excited to be creating this project.


alexa said...

Yes, it is wonderful,y rich both in colour and in content! I do still keep thinking about a digital one, though possibly a different format. Sorry the hangers were a bit of a chore, and oh my goodness about the cricket ball! I love the photo bottom right especially :).

Rachel Brett said...

I love your pages Abi, the overlays on the last two pictures are gorgeous! :)

Miriam said...

At the end of the year you will be so pleased that you did this. Your pages are beautiful, I love the mix of pictures and journalling but I especially like the little notes here and there.
Maybe next year I will do the project...

Karen said...

I'm in love with all the bits and pieces, Abi---the different journaling cards, the text on the photos, it's just lovely! I know the only way I could do this is digitally, but my skills being what they are, it would be such a time-consuming project. Nonetheless, every time you post, I think about starting one some day.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I adore that quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder!!!
I can't believe I've never heard it. Thanks for sharing it.