8 July 2013

Snail mail and the wisdom of Pooh Bear

I love getting letters. I love sending letters too.
I am sad that less people my age embrace "snail mail". Maybe it is the crafter in me but I cherish letters in a way I don't emails. Letters need to be thought out. Pen goes physically to paper as the writer captures a small moment of their lives. A moment that by the time the letter has reached the recipient will be old news.
There is something magical in that.
There is also something magical in what the letter is written on, whether that be a well chosen card, a scrap of lined paper or thick white cartridge.

Despite the fact that I contact my friends most days I wanted to send them something. I like writing letters and I like making cards so it was pretty enjoyable task!

I set about choosing supplies and used a lot of the things I received in the swap. I haven't made cards in a while but really enjoyed the process.

Now one of my friends at uni is a quote lover. During exams we would email our favourite book quotes back and forth to keep ourselves motivated. We agreed that Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh have the most wonderful quotes
After seeing beautiful examples of Sian's quote cards I decided it was high time that I tried a quote card myself. Unlike Sian however I decided to forgo literary wisdom and chose instead the wisdom of Pooh Bear.

Just as I sent them off I received this one from my friend which I felt summed up everything nicely!

Do you enjoy sending or receiving letters?


Sian said...

Absolutely I do! I've been meaning to send a few myself and hope to get round to it when I get back from holiday. there is nothing like the flap of the letterbox for lifting the spirits.

Pooh Bear? can't get much smarter than that.

Alison said...

I love getting unexpected mail...and when I have time I love sending it too!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

I love letters as well....and your Pooh quotes are perfect.

debs14 said...

Great cards and I love the wisdom of Pooh!

Beverly said...

Can't get any better than Pooh :) Love your cards. I am a lover of snail mail but go though phases being good then not about sending it.

Ruth said...

I'm such a fan of the humble postcard! Your cards are lovely and are sure to brighten the recipient's day.

Karen said...

Great cards, great quotes! I love to get mail, and love to send it as well.

Sinead said...

This is so lovely Abi, I also really enjoy getting and sending letters and postcards! There is nothing like getting something unexpected and lovely in the post, it puts a smile on my face for the whole day :) I really need to get your address in our next email!! Love the cards and the cute Pooh quotes as well, they are so pretty! x

Miriam said...

Nothing nicer than a hand written anything, card, note, postcard. and nothing at all wrong with the wisdom of Pooh! Your cards are beautiful.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love A.A. Milne, and I often use Pooh quotes in my art journal. So heartfelt and full of simple wisdom.

alexa said...

We are great fans of Winnie The Pooh here too :). Your friends will be thrilled to get one of these - and very comforted :).

Unknown said...

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