11 July 2013

Project life week 27

Lots and lots of photos this week so the spread came together quickly. Always nice when that happens! 

Last week I got an iphone. I am still super excited about this as I have wanted one for a long time. I think my favourite thing about it is the camera. The quality is ace and I have been filling up all of your IG feeds with silly every day photos! I wanted to record this excitement though because I guess in a year I will find it funny. 

In particular are photos from my trip to the farm, watching Wimbledon with the cat on my knee, our potato harvest and the joys of sending and receiving mail. 

There wasn't space for much this week! I used a wrap around card stretched across two photos on the left hand spread. I like how this turned out so think I will use the technique again. I also added little snippets to a few of the photos and told the story of the new phone and the ridiculous number of bananas my mum brought home! I also had to include the story of the week which was Andy Murray winning Wimbledon. Part of me loves that a landmark like this sits alongside such everyday things as bananas. Only in Project Life! 

A few weeks back I purchased the midnight edition journalling cards. I am really impressed by the set. There are so many to choose from and in great colours. I am always a fan of grey and yellow! They also include nice sentiments so I have been cutting a few of these out and adding them to photos like the "this week" arrow. 

Anything else: 
I am excited to see where PL will go now that I have a better camera on my phone. Before, I was always reluctant to include phone photos because of the quality. Now that it is improved I think my phone photos will be making more of an appearance. 

I am also loving doing project life in the summer. Sunnier photos make for happy pages! 


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

You know I'm a fan of your PL pages, and I'm so excited for you that you are now an iPhone owner! I've had mine for about a year and a half now, and I'm STILL excited about it! LOL.

And like you, I think the BEST thing about it is the camera. I've become very comfortable using my phone for a LOT of my PL photos. It's just great to always have a "nice" camera on hand for those everyday moments.

Karen said...

I LOVE my iPhone camera. Do you have the Camera+ app. It takes even better photos. I've barely used my SLR all month. Have to remember once a week to get it out for my 52/50 project.

Miriam said...

Hooray for your iPhone. Your PL is beautiful as always, there are some lovely 'bits' in this one. Potatoes, bananas, the milk...

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I really like your style with Project Life. Celebrating the every day, which is what it should be. If you ever find yourself with a glut of bananas again, they can be frozen whole, in the skins, for future baking. My favourite thing to do though, is cut into chunks and freeze in bags. When you want a smoothie just throw them in the blender (without defrosting) with your other ingredients, blitz and drink. Ice cold for this sunny weather we are having.

alexa said...

Lovely happy spread and delighted to read about your iPhone acquisition! Splendid work with the bananas - I always appreciate thrift :(.

Sinead said...

Gorgeous as always, I am loving PL more every time I see your layouts and having recently bought Photoshop Elements (yay!), I'm seriously considering taking the plunge with PL next year! PS, super jealous of the iPhone!!! xxx

Mishiee said...

Oh my gosh that banana story made me laugh out loud. It's the sort of crazy thing I would do.