19 July 2013

Project life week 28

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions for iphone apps. I am going to spend a happy weekend downloading and playing around. 

I'm late (again) with project life this week. Things ran away with me. As always though, I am so happy once I start creating this weeks spread and I am always pleased I make the time to finish it.

The quality of my phone photographs has totally improved and it is really changing my project life. This spread is entirely instagram and phone photography. I have also used photos on this layout that never made it to instagram. It excites me that my phone photography is a good enough quality to be able to upload photos as they are. My poor SLR is going to need a workout soon.

The photos this week are mostly from an outing the boy and I took to a National Trust property and then small moments through the rest of the week.

I am really enjoying the midnight edition PL journalling cards and used a few on this layout. I recorded details of our day trip and our walk to the beautiful reservoir. I also wrote a short letter to the boy. I think it's fun sometimes to change up the journalling style and write in a different format.

The big photos are back! The photo of the grand house was just asking to be blown up big as was the picture of the lake. I find it interesting to see how including a big photo can totally change the imapct of the spread.

As usual some wrap around tags and sentiments on most of the photos. Also quite a bit of handwriting this week, around the roses and as a filler card on the first spread.

Anything else: 
I still like this project and am itching to get the book underway!


Rhona said...

I loved looking at your PL pages again. I'm afraid I'm a bit behind with mine at the moment and need to sit down this weekend and catch up. I'm doing the physical version rather than digital so need to get my photos printed. Love the big photos - something I've yet to do! x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Ah! I love your large photos spread out over several sleeves. Gosh you are clever, Abi. I'm making a note to myself to give this a try. It just gives such a nice feel to the layout of your weekly spread. Well done!

Miriam said...

Beautiful Abi, love the journaling on this spread

Amy said...

Liz Tamanaha makes great product, have you had any chance to visit The Lily Pad? She sells her regular product through that shop and so does Peppermint Granberg - One Little Bird designs - her journaling cards are lovely and so are her papers.

I haven't used any of my shots from the ipad in PL yet ... I might do so this week because I am low on photos - your quality is fabulous!

alexa said...

I do love that divided photo ... It works beautifully here. Glad you're finding lots of ways of being creative with PL!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Oh, that divided photograph looks brilliant, but it was the journalling on the bottom photo of the first spread, that really made me smile.
We drove past Dyrham Park today, on our way into Bristol for a little shopping and some Gromit spotting!

Lorraine said...

Love the template and instagram pics. Makes for an interesting LO. Looks like a relaxing week!

Sinead said...

Super, the photos from the iPhone are such good quality... I may be just a little jealous! The divided photos are beautiful and I adore the the black and white shot at the bottom of the first spread and the journalling. Just perfect :D