24 March 2014

Looking for the Signs

I had family visiting at the weekend and as they had a car we took a day trip out to Beamish, a living history museum just north of the city.
It was a fantastic day. There was so much to see, all beautifully reconstructed.
We spent most of the day looking around the Edwardian town. There was a street of houses to look inside, a row of shops all selling different goods and a tram to travel on.

Looking back at the photos I took that day, I was struck by how many times I tried to capture signs.
Shop names and notices in windows.
Newspapers and advertisements.

Signs say a lot about a place.
I don't know what draws me to them. Perhaps because they are so different to the advertisements and notices we have now.
Perhaps because I appreciate pattern and typography.

One of the shops was an Edwardian newsagents and upstairs was the printing room.
Rows and rows of printing drawers full of letters were laid out.

We were shown how an old printing press worked and saw the sheets of newsprint hanging up to dry.
Letters and ink and signs. It was perfect.

I like looking for details and in this fun museum there were quite a few!


scrappyjacky said...

I love signs as well....and the museum looks fascinating.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a great place to visit. I love your shot of the old printing press.

Sian said...

Another signs fan here - I took a few like that when we went to Blists Hill (not as nice as these ones, though!) I love the one of the printing plate, though, that's my favourite

alexa said...

Your last photo has me drooling, Abi - oh, to spend an hour in a place like that! I'm. It sure about the pushing boys though :).

Karen said...

I have lots of photos of signs as well. Your photo of the type is simply gorgeous!

Kirsty.A said...

Signs are fascinating. I love 'incorrect' English - always worth a giggle

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

Excellent stuff. This is an amazing place and one of my favourites. I love the row of cottages and especially like the school house, jenx (I am enjoying the way you are celebrating my local area)

Sinead said...

This is super Abi! Looks like a really cool place to visit and your photos are great. Like a lot of the others, I also take lots of pictures of signs :) I adore the variety in the typography and the old-fashioned language. Lovely!
P.S. Great to speak this evening :D xxx

Julia said...

We went there a few years back now and the kids loved it and attending the victorian school! I still haev photos left to scrap from the visit so thanks for reminding me :)

Susanne said...

I like looking for signs and text when out too. Thanks for sharing.