11 March 2014

Project Life weeks 8 & 9

Here we go again and I'm finally feeling like i've found my groove with this project this year.

Things I am loving this week: 
Light, clean and airy pages. I have realised I like a lot of white, pops of colour from my photos and a few good fonts.
White boarders on photos and splashes of pretty floral and striped patterned paper.
Writing directly on photos. Nothing new here but I don't think it will ever get old.
Those week cards. I am glad I spent an hour making them in January.

Techniques I have tried: 
Trying to shake up how I document the week. Particularly on this week eight spread. I had lots of photos from one event so made a feature of it and placed them all in one area and added three journalling spots to tell the story.
I'm trying to become less concerned with telling the story of the week and more focused on telling the story of the photos I have.

Photos I have documented: 
A fun mix these two weeks. Week eight is focused on a walk I blogged about and a series of birthday events, week nine is the story of my brothers marathon and day to day goings on in Durham.

Thoughts on the project: 
I'm glad I am choosing to let it go a bit more this year. Week nine didn't have many photos. I let it go and created just the one page. I am far happier with this than trying to spin the photos out across two.

Still in love with the two page templates. I can't decide which I like more to be honest. It gives me far more options each week and has stopped this project so far becoming monotonous.

Back in the groove of making and posting layouts and it feels good!


Sian said...

I have PL envy! Every time I see one of your lovely spreads I wish I had something like this to tell the story of my student days

Missus Wookie said...

Looks good - telling the story of the photos you have sounds sensible to me.

Lou said...

wonderful abi x

Sinead said...

This is so lovely Abi! I'm loving the use of white space and clean, airy layouts too. Some great photos capturing daily life in uni! :D
P.S. Off to send you an email now to sort out a Skype date soon xxx

Amy said...

Oh yes, once I figured out that I was telling the story of the photos I had and not an entire catalogue of the week it was a huge breakthrough! I am a big fan of your pages Abi, they look wonderful!

Karen said...

Gorgeous, as always! I love the mix of templates.

alexa said...

Every time I see your lovely pages, it reminds me of how neglectful I have been in documenting our own life here. I love your white space too - airy and fresh :).