30 March 2014

Project Life weeks 10 & 11

This was what my last few weeks looked like: 

Things I am loving this week: 
Using the graphics tablet again. I go through swings and roundabouts with this tool but when I use it I love the effects. On the week ten page I added just a few words to some of the photos but on the week eleven spread I wrote quite a large portion of journalling. I love the magic of being able to handwrite on a digital layout.

Speaking of writing, I am also really enjoying using the font 'courier'. Super clean and simple. I'm a fan.

Techniques I have tried:
The usual selection of collages and writing directly onto photos. My friend has a polaroid camera and I took a photo of one of the little photos that had come out of it. I then trimmed the photo down, backed it to patterned paper and added some chevrons. I tried to imagine what I would have done if I had had the photo in real life doing this project physically. I like how it turned out.

Photos I have documented: 
Week ten focused on the everyday stuff. I tried to frame the layout around that journalling card that says "every day". There weren't enough photos to make a double spread but i'm happy with what was documented on this one page.
Week eleven mostly documents the very long walk to the priory. I always love it when I have photos of the boy to scrap with.

Thoughts on the project: 
I'm glad I chose to purchase digital kits this year rather than project life sets. I think I can tailor them to my style slightly better and like the pop of colour the patterned paper gives.

A fifth of the way through the year. Time is flying!


Mel said...

Some great pictures here - I need to use my big camera more as I have been using phone pics too often recently and they don't look as good. Love all the titles and the graphics here too.

Karen said...

Beautiful as always! I love the Everyday spread.

JO SOWERBY said...

I love the way your style changes and develops but somehow stays very you
Jo xxx

Sian said...

Time is flying, but you are doing a wonderful job of pinning it down

Sinead said...

Beautiful pages Abi - I can really see how your style has developed. Your handwriting looks great on these pages too :D And what a gorgeous picture of you and the boy that you've divided over a few pockets! X

Ruth said...

Lovely documentation of two weeks in your life.

Anonymous said...

The pages look great Abi. I love how you've let that 1 picture of you and "the boy" go over a few spaces. I must try some writing on my pictures.

alexa said...

Your pages are lovely as always - I do enjoy looking at your weeks :). And that's a super photo of you and the Boy ...