12 July 2014

three ways with pretty fabric squares

I love big sewing projects. I have made a few quilts now and I love the process.
I am always left with scraps though. Scraps of pretty soft fabric that I want to use in something yet aren't substantial enough for a larger project. 

I decided to use these scraps to whip up a few pretty fabric squares that can be used in three different ways: 
  • The traditional hankie for your pocket. 
  • Napkins.
  • Half triangle bunting. 

This is the process and it is so simple it is almost a crime to have to write out the steps! 

1. Cut your piece of white fabric. You could use linen or cotton. I used white cotton. Cut it just bigger than desired. I cut mine at 7.5" for a finished square of 7". 

2. Carefully hem the edge of the fabric. I just turned a tiny hem over, about 1/4" and fed it through the machine using a straight stitch. 

3. Do exactly the same for your patterned fabric. I used a piece 4.5" squared but you could adapt this to suit your needs. Hem this piece too. I chose to hem it with white cotton as a contrast but you could use a cotton to match your fabric if you don't want the stitches to show. 

4. Place and pin your square in the middle of the white cotton. Using a straight stitch carefully stitch on top of that hemmed line on your patterned fabric. 

5. Now using a zig zag stitch place your sewing machine foot half on the patterned fabric and half on the white and sew around the edge. So simple! 

Here are three ways you can use these squares: 

I think there is something beautiful about keeping proper cotton handkerchiefs in your pocket rather than a tissue. Because these have patterned fabric in the middle you could co-ordinate your hankie to your dress!
I also think a pile of these would work well at a wedding to coordinate with the colours of the day and for guests to take as you entered the church. 

Depending on how big you made your fabric squares a pile of these at a summer event would be so much fun! I wrapped mine around cutlery to brighten up the wooden table. 

Half triangle bunting:
If you make enough of these, they can be folded in half and then sewn or pegged onto a string to create light and floaty bunting. 

Who knew fabric squares could be so versatile! I am excited to play with more of these this summer. 
What would you do with yours? 


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

So pretty Abi. How funny, that I posted a tutorial yesterday, for using up leftovers from the Friendship Quilt Project!

Karen said...

I rarely sew any more, but if I had pretty scraps like those, they'd be napkins on my summer tables! Love them!

Nathalie said...

These are really pretty! I would use them for napkins.... I have pinned this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/164381455121962267/ a while ago and think yours would look fabulous on a table the same way ;)

scrappyjacky said...

Such a lovely way to use up scraps,Abi.

Sandra said...

Oh so very pretty. I love the use for napkins

alexa said...

The napkins are very pretty but I also like the hankies - we always had proper fis boric hankies when we were little :).

Beverly said...

Lovely, it would most definitely be the napkin use for me.

Mollie said...

Simple and brilliant. I will definitely be making these!

Hazel A.. said...

So precious Abi! Love your blog; came to it via the postcard received today from you! Your card was the first I've gotten for Sian's swap; thanks so much! :)

Unknown said...

Great project for pretty scraps or charm squares!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial:

Unknown said...

These look so pretty! I love the fabrics you've chosen especially. I'd love to try making these