1 January 2010

New year thoughts

I'm not one to make new years resolutions cos I fail within the first week anyway, but this year I was really inspired to make one from reading this: They are so inspiring with a little passage from the Bible each day and thoughts on it. Well..yesterdays was a question.. who first introduced you to christianity? I've been a christian really since I can remember because of my family, but one person really stood out. They changed my outlook on being a christian...This girl. She showed me that being a christian isn't just about reading your bible, it's about practically demonstrating your faith to others, whether that's telling them about Jesus or just smiling and being a friend. Her whole life and attitude just bursts with the love of God and through her you can see just how incredible christ is. This girl has made me think, made me try and look at how I live so that people will look at me and say that I truly am walking with Jesus. Through her example I am inspired to show Jesus to others.

So. That is my new years resolution. This year to show my faith in a practical way. I guess this is the first step.. to all who are reading this and are unsure about faith or don't know Jesus, i challenge you to question it. Pick up a daily bible reading, a great free on is "The word for today" which also includes free podcasts you can listen to each day. Think about it.

Sorry this is quite deep but it's something I really wanted to express! Thanks for reading!

Loves xxxxxxxxxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

hi abi,
happy new year to you. thanx for the inspiring post today. found this and thought of you!

love Jo xxx

Unknown said...

it just shows how deep your faith is (:
may you keep it up!

merry new year~

Lizzie said...

Well, Mrs Abi, Happy New Year to you and thank you for an inspiring, thoughtful post! I pray you will have the courage you seek, to fulfill your resolution for the year - and beyond.

Amy said...

This is a beautiful and inspiring post Abi - thank you for sharing your thoughts with us :-)

humel said...

Good for you, Abi :-) Sorry I've neglected your blog lately but I've finally had time to catch up and I was thrilled to see such an open post about your faith (I don't find it easy to share mine so you've challenged me!)

All the best for 2010 xx