17 January 2010

A little photo shoot fun!

Happy sunday!
It's the weekend, woooh! Thanks to all who prayed for me today! the scan went really well, quite quick and wasn't too scary! (it sounds like a spaceship by the way! Great fun for the kid in me! Lol!)
I have been a very good girl and done a lot of this: I Love history because we're studying Martin Luther and the German reformation but writing page after page of notes is slightly dull! Hey ho, it's done now! (I experimented with photoshop in a few of these, just as an explanation to the writing on a few of them!)

I then decided to go and find my camera and my new lens cos it really needed a good workout! First a piccy of me that made me laugh for a long time! And then me n my lovely friend went for a walk up to the local shop for food for hungry borders! (we do get fed but we like having extra!) This girl truly is incredible. Life has dealt her a bit of a rough hand but you would never hear her complain about it. She is just so stunning and I love taking pics of her. She truly is an inspiration to me and i am so lucky to have her as a friend. We spent the afternoon going for a slow walk just talking about everything and taking loads of pictures, more will follow in a later post!

(for the record, I don't do much editing on the pictures I take. Just touching the contrast and curves. I am so against cloning unless it's necessary cos in years to come generations will look back n think we are flawless, we're not.)
This is one of my fav pictures of the day. The light was awesome and my lens has a lovely depth of field giving this soft look. I'm still not sure about the left eye being out of focus, what do you think? Isn't she stunning???!!!
This was another favourite she was just lying in the sun and I snapped this. It feels so soft and dream like.

And this was one of the funky pics we took! Sorry the mirror was just crying out for a photo!

Tommorow my english set are going to see the above. We've been studying the book for A level. The film looks rather scary but I have The boy so I can always hide! A busy few days!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. thanks for stopping by.

Loves xxxxxxxx


Lizzie said...

Great photos today, Abi! Your friend is very pretty and you made the most of the nice light outside. You should give her some prints for her mum!
Glad the scan was okay - didn't think you'd have a problem, but it is noisy... I hope it helps to sort out what to do about your back problems.
Enjoy the film. Is the Boy also at your school, or are you allowed to invite friends to school outings? Anyway, have fun and I hope it's not scary!

JO SOWERBY said...

glad the scan wasn't too scary. let us know about the film as id love to see it too. tim should be a godsend literally in the handholding, bury your head in his shoulder boyfriend category. ur friend is really beautiful and u have captured her in some really unusual ways,
Jo xxx

Sian said...

Beautiful photos Abi. I don't know if I fancy that film..it looks pretty scary!

JO SOWERBY said...

hope u all enjoyed the movie this evening. i'm sure tim wont mind having a squashed hand, especially if it's for the woman he loves!!! :))
dont worry too much about the book postage, im sure we can sort that out somehow.
Jo xxx

Amy said...

Hope everything is ok with your back :-)
I agree with you about the editing issue - I'm a no cloner as well! Getting both eyes in focus is often a probelm for me - did you want one to be just off? I just go with the flow for the most part - it is a beautiful shot regardless, and, Lizzie is right - I'm sure her Mum would love some copies of your great photos!

humel said...

Hiya Abi, sorry I've gotten behind with your blog - I only just read about the scan - glad it was OK xx

Stunning photos and I love the little story bits in between :-)