30 January 2010

Thank you.

Happy Sunday!
Hadn't checked by my blog in a while so imagine my delight when I checked my comments and found this award three times over!!!! Thank you so much Jo, Debs and Lizzie. U guys are the tops. Was such a blessing too cos I have been going through a bit of a doubting patch about being at skl and not being able to update the blog much but knowing that you guys do stop by and read by words of wisdom (what a laugh!!!!) has given me so much confidence. So a huge THANK YOU.

Ok...so the briefing for the award was to write about 10 things that make you happy. Flip, is that a long list! I guess I am a pretty happy person so thankfully this isn't too hard!!!

1. Rewarding myself with blogging after I have finished my work! When at school, it's as close I can get to scrapbooking so it is a kind of release. 2. Waking up and realising it is the first day of the holidays and i am at home in my own bed. I honestly cannot describe how happy that makes me! 3. Being on a roll when I am making a LO. When everything just seems to come together easily.

4. Listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter or listening to my original tapes of Winnie the Pooh ( it is actually really amusing would you believe! AA milne had an awesome sense of humour!)5. Re-reading the little house series over and over again and knowing exatcly what is coming but still loving every minute of them. 6. Being at home, smelling cake cooking and hearing my mum sing and play the piano. That truly is heaven.

7. Me and my Dad driving home in the dark with Dido playing really loudly.8. Coxing on the river when the sun is shining and the swans are swimming past. I will include pictures in the summer cos it is truly is beautiful. (the picture below is a cox-box. Basically an amplifier so the crew can hear me in the boat! I look like a dork with it on!!!!) 9. Cuddling up on the sofa and watching Glee (yeah I have now got the episodes and watched the first 4 in a row!!!! Loved every one!) 10. Texts late at night from the Boy telling me to sleep well. I can't explain how happy this makes me!

Yesterday I went to the pub quiz at school. My team did apallingly but it was great fun! I have discovered though that rather sadly, I scored almost full marks on the round about my school. eeeeek! Been there too long!

Next weekend has been a weekend that has been talked about, anticpiated and worried about for most since september! SPRING BALL. one of the top events of the year. The committe is chosen, they organise everything from entertainment to seating plans. And most importantly of all you go with a date!

There has been some serious worrying amongst the girls, over who will ask who, what happens if someone doesn't get a date, should they still go etc etc. I have tried to offer my advice but when I was the only one with a certain date I don't think it was much comfort!!!!! LOL! Anyway, there are two guys to every girl in our year so really there wasn't a lot to worry about right??! So..every girl now has a date and the big topic of conversation is what does your dress look like?

I got my dress last summer but never got round to wearing it. I have refused to tell the boy anything about it but here is a sneak peak. Praying he won't look here before next weekend! After the ball I will no doubt have numerous pictures to post so for now, I will leave you in suspense at what the whole dress is like! The other mystery I really wanna know is what the boy has got me for before the ball. Flowers, Jewellery?????????? I don't even get a clue from him sob sob!!! Oh well, I guess a nicer surprise on the night!

Anyway back to the award. I was thinking, there are several people I wanna send this on to but they have ALL had the award already so I am going to start my own one! (excitment!!!) and then that can get passed around and it will be fresh and new and pretty to display on your blog! If this is illegal, changing one award into another, I am so sorry and will repent but I thought it wud be different and fun.

(ok, i had finished making my award on photoshop when...the computer crashed. so....award will come later when I have had a chance to cool down arghhhhhh!!!!)

Loves xxxxxxxx


Lizzie said...

Argh! Don't you just hate it when that happens? My computer has "Hate Lizzie Days", when it does these evil things to me... and my DH doesn't understand how I can let them happen, after working in IT for 11 years!

Glad you were happy to get the award. It sounds as if school is busy and fun just now.
If we don't hear from you before next weekend, I hope the ball goes well and that you (and the Boy) have a wonderful time!


Amy said...

Abi, my computer went bonkers yesterday - very frustrating!
This has been such a lovely post to read - your list was fabulous(I like Dido too) and you have a lot to look forward to next week with the ball, the details on your dress look lovely - can't wait to see the pics :-)

Sian said...

Lovely list :) You have reminded me that rereading the Little House books really should have made it onto my list too. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of the Ball

humel said...

Congratulations! I love your list - and the ball sounds so exciting, can't wait to see the pics :-) have a great time x

Anne said...


I've just discovered your blog on a recommendation, so I'm looking forward to keeping up to date!