4 January 2010

A few layouts

I thought I'd put a few layouts on my blog today. These are ones I have done over the last few months but just haven't got round to photographing! This was page made just expressing all my feelings about a close friend moving on to a new college for sixth form. I experimented with hand sewing and lots of little detail as well as a lot of
A page on my brother turning thirteen. I had never scrapped a picture this big before and found it quite hard as my style is usually so busy, however I love how it turned out!
Our cute little kitten! She was playing with a glue stick! She takes after her owner! ha ha! I really experiemented with ink and paint on this page and just had a play around with the effects.

one of my most recent pages. The background of the picture was very distracting so I layered newspaper up to calm it down slightly. I had great fun distressing this page with tearing off the top layer of the paper. I wanted to create a vintage and girly look and loved the explosion effect I managed to create. I also ripped and curled the edges of lots of the elements.

Sorry, this isn't the best picture! I hardly ever create double layouts, but had so many lovely pictures for this page that I had to. As a result, the page is simple but pretty, documenting our amazing picnic for a friends brithday.
Just a little look into my scrapbook, he he! Please check back tommorow cos I'll be posting a real quick tutorial on how to make these simple rossettes. They look cute on bags or make them small for a scrapbook page!
Thanks for reading! Happy Monday
Loves xxxxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

oh abi, your talents are so amazing, I am always awestruck by the way you scrap with such incredible abilities. yoyu are definately a girl to watch in the future, dare i suggest a future shimelle laine in the making? :)
jo xxx

JO SOWERBY said...

hiya abi, me again, have just read ur comments on my blogpost. i am ALSO a studio memeber, so see you there. the owl came from a free blog button site,.........the site is called shabby blogs and is here


click on buttons and the html is there on the left. copy the html and add it to the gadgets html section on blogger,
jo xxx

Sian said...

Amazing LO's! You really are talented Abi..I love to see what you've been doing

Unknown said...

lovely layouts! (:

debs14 said...

How come I am back to school and you are not? So unfair! Us staff don't like going back as much as you students you know!
Love the way you add textures and fabrics to your pages, looking forward to learing about the rosettes, they look really good on your layout.

humel said...

Stunning and amazing :-) Wow!! Thanks for sharing, I very much look forward to the tutorial :-) And how cute is that cat?!

Amy said...

Absolutely beautiful pages Abi - STUNNING!
I love the background for the blog - this is one of my favourites, and, I'll come for the tutorial!

Lizzie said...

Ooh layouts! Cool! Like them very much.
The rosettes will be good - I tried making some myself but messed it up. Would be nice to get some instructions (though I'm sure I could work it out if I wasn't too lazy!).
I'll be back... (haven't I heard that somewhere before? hmm...)