16 January 2010

A busy weekend...

Again, apologies, I have managed to leave the blog with no new post for several days! eeeekk. anyways..this week seems to have rushed past, the snow is gone sob sob but i do have a two pics I really like taken in the snow when I was at home and which I am now using for my photography...
These were taken with my new lens and I was just playing around with settings. Some turned out awful but others were ok!

This weekend seems to have come round in such a rush it's crazy. I have just got back from doing lots of this....Scottish dancing. Ok, it was more like barn dancing but the picture was pretty! Once a year we have a scottish night run by one of the houses, a band is hired in and all the boarders go into the assembly hall and learn a load of barn dances. It is such a laugh. I danced for two hours with the boy and my feet are now killing! Ha ha!

Tommorow I am having one of these: It's for my back and I am a little bit anxious about it! Looks rather claustraphobic but I am allowed to bring my own music which will be nice. I am bringing some harry potter cos I went on the principle that it will calm me down with "stephen" (Fry) reading it! Prayers would be so greatly appreciated but i'm sure it will be fine!

And then I have a mountain of work...why do essays always seem to be set all in one go? Grr..sorry this is turning into a rant! Lol!

Anyways, I am hoping for another post tommorow, perhaps with more piccy's woooohh! and hopefully more interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxxxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh good luck with the scan...........prayer request noted. we were taught country dancing as part of the curriculum at primary school every week. did u get to wear the posh white frocks and have guys in kilts? i bet that would have been a laugh. how did the exam go? sounds like being back at school is one heck of a change from hols and full scale work, work, work. make sure u set time aside for scrapbooking too though,
Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Loooove that Country/Barn Dancing! Hope you had such fun! I went to a celdhi (if that's how you spell it!!) when I was in Scotland on holiday. It was good fun.
Best of luck with the scan. My friend had one and says it is a bit noisy and slightly claustrophobic. However, if you have your i-pod or whatever, you should cope ok. Be prepared to have to keep still for a bit, but don't panic, it's okay and people do survive the experience lol! (my friend is still alive and well). Prayers will be remembered xx

Sian said...

Good luck with the scan. Hope it all goes ok for you. Those are stunning snow photos..like something from a magazine!

JO SOWERBY said...

hi abi, how did the scan go. u r obviously still alive!!!! did harry help? about the weekend leave, i could always come to the house,i am child protection checked as i work as a nurse, so that solves one problem. if we were allowed we could do a little crop with some friends or something. what do you think they might say?
Jo xxx