27 June 2010

the significance of one photo

Shimelle posted this the other day and it has inspired me to share a very recent photo that I love..
I have known this girl for a week.
We couldn't be more different but also so similar.
She lives in a country recovering from war, I live in a country of peace.
She had never left her home town, I have been boarding away from home for 6 years.
She is a muslim and I am a christian.
She speaks arabic and I speak English... ksadhahsdjhashdjashdjashdjashdjahdjhaskasjdhkasjhdjsahdjash heello how are you I
Yet, she has taught me so much in a week. She has the most beautiful personality and such a sense of humour. She has taught me a few arabic words and shown me how to write it as well. I have helped her out in her (already very good) english. She has cooked her national dish for me and I have shown her what a boiled potato is! She has come to all my lessons with me and I have taught her how to use a film camera. I love you yms s-di ashd aslkdj aksdjaksdhjkh jadh ads;lkd lokjd ajsd sjdakdsjd jhsa jdhajshdjsa
This is my friend Rasha, who has come to stay at our school with a few of her classmates from Lebanon. It has been amazing hearing about her experiences and getting to know her. She is truly a very brave young lady and it has taken her such courage to be away from her family and travel to England. sakjdkjsajdkasjdksajkdjsakjdklasjdkajs jdaksdj akjd jalskdjaksjd jdalskdjk asjdksadj jdalksdj alksj
This picture is a reminder to me of my new friend, of the mild fear she lives in each day and ultimatley that fact that whatever happens she is still just a teenager just like me.
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Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

that is such a beautiful picture and a g8 way of explaining it. u obviously have a g8 talent for making people feel at ease Abi and communicating with them ur love and friendship. i pray this will stay with u both when the time comes to say goodbye for the present.
Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Great photo, lovely story. It is always good to meet others whose lives are quite different to our own. Especially when it raises our awareness of some of the World's problems and issues - and makes them so real in the form of another person.
I hope your new friendship lasts, that you can keep in touch with Rasha once she has gone home. I will remember her and her friends in my prayers.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What an awesome post! Thanks so much for posting.

humel said...

Lovely photo, and what an interesting, thoughtful post - thanks for sharing xx

Sian said...

This is a great photo to choose today Abi :)

scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely post,Abi....and a wonderful photo

Jennifer Grace said...

What a great photo and story, it's brilliant that you've got to know someone so well in such a short time. Make sure you keep in touch, you don't find great friendships like that everyday!