10 October 2010

Happy sewing!

Happy Sunday!

I have had a VERY productive weekend! essay out of the way, a sunny day and lots of time to shop! He he!
Also half term is very soon so I am working towards that and two weeks off to go home!

So...as you know I got a sewing machine for my birthday. A little while ago my mum and me made a skirt for me to where to a fancy dress party. It was so simple, a rectange hemmed and gathered along a thick elastic waistband. I really liked it but as it was red and white spotty, perhaps not so good to wear around town! Lol! (guess what I came as to the party!) Anyway, as I now have as sewing machine of my own I thought I would visit my local fabric shop!

Well..it was like dying and going to heaven. It was a tiny shop but literally floor to ceiling was packed full of bolts of material all sorted in colour! I spent a good half hour just browsing and eventually came away with this...

Isn't it pretty!? I wanted a simple pattern so I can wear the skirt with grey tights in the winter! Very excited to make this one up! Anyway, it gets better. Took it to the till along with the elastic for the waistband and the grand total for it...£8.00! Yep thats right! eight quid to make a unique skirt in lovely material! Baragin me thinks! But.. I then looked at the label and it said..VINTAGE! Oh yes, I had stumbled on some beautiful vintage fabric from guess where...

eeeeeepp! And the date...1979! Not only will my skirt be unique, it will also be vintage! happy smiles all round!

 So..making the skirt up is a happy prospect for half term! During my wandering around town I also found a lovely second hand book stall and got a book for 60p! It was such a bargain that I treated myself to two! I had one of those days where I foraged around little independant shops that sell such sweet stuff. I am much more prepared to spend money in a small unique shop than a big chain! Do you have any lovely little shops you visit?

So, I am off to read my book and drink some more of this...good times!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxxxx


humel said...

Oh, wow, what a fabulous find! Can't wait to see your finished skirt :-)

scrappyjacky said...

That's a real treasure,Abi....look forward to seeing the skirt.I love those unique,little shops as well.

Sinead said...

would LOVE to be able to sew and make my own clothes! Can't wait to see your completed skirt, the fabric is amazing:)x

debs14 said...

I feel so old .... 1979 is the year before I got married and trust me, Laura Ashley was really fashionable then! You're going to really enjoy making that skirt, and enjoy even more all the compliments you get when you wear it. Have fun!

Lizzie said...

Sounds like the best kind of weekend (except perhaps the essay!). Lovely fabric - it's great to be able to make your own clothes. I found a couple of great sewing books on Amazon, which I got for my niece. Lots of good clear photos and diagrams.. v. helpful for a person with a new sewing machine!
I had a bit of browsing time earlier this week, when I was in Gloucestershire. Found some nice bargains too... and spent too much in the scrapbooking shop!
Have a good week - half term is soooooon! X

JO SOWERBY said...

i think i had that same material when it wasnt vintage ;-))).
i love independent shops here in wells and all over really. but i do also like going to the names too for a root about.
hope to get a chance to meet up soonish miss abi when u can fit me into to ur busy schedule :)
Jo xxxxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow - gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see you in the skirt.