26 April 2011

Highlights from rowing camp

Hi all

Well I am back after an amazing ten days in sunny hot France. In typical fashion I took hundreds of pictures so have just included some of my favourites here...

wash from the speedboats, a lovely symmetrical line of moored boats, cooling those feet off and rowing, the main point of the ten days!
The big room in the boathouse where we worked and eat; yes revision did happen! oh look the boat picture again..oops!, an amazing wall in the way into town, a lovely tree lined avenue.
One big cathedral, crazy rides at the fair which I felt sick just looking at! A HUGE candy floss-this wasn't the biggest size! The castle which in my opinion looks like a disney one!

It was a great ten days. lots of rowing, lots of shouting for me (I am a cox), plenty of work and a nice time to relax and get a tan!

Back to school this evening...booh!

Hope you have all had a fab week, what have you been up to?

Loves xxx


JO SOWERBY said...

looks like it was amazing. glad u had a gr8 time. safe trip home,
Jo xxx

Jo.C said...

Great photos - glad you enjoyed it and good luck with your revision when you get back :0)

Jennifer Grace said...

Looks fabulous, glad you had fun and sunshine! That candy floss is gigantic!x

Lynn said...

Looks like you had a fab time - probably just what you needed before your exams.

debs14 said...

A perfect way to spend a while before you have to knuckle down to those exams! Looks like you had a lovely time.
Good luck with the A levels!

Lizzie said...

Hey, welcome home again (or back to school...). How did I miss this when you posted it?!
Love the photos - especially the row of boats, all white and smart and clean!
That was an enormous candy-floss! Huge!
Glad you had a great time. Hope you now feel ready for a good term - good luck with the exam preparations!

Miriam said...

Your pictures are beautiful, full of fun, love the boats and the wash! fabulous and so glad you had a good time.