6 April 2011

Right this moment.

I am..

Loving the sunshine that I woke up to this morning.
enjoying the temperature rise

amazed that the blossom I photographed a few days ago is now nearly gone.

loathing being stuck inside revising when I would love to be outside enjoying the unexpected weather.
benefiting from ten minute bounces on the trampoline in revision breaks.
laughing a the state of the table after three children decide to work there.
expectant for a parcel of sewing things to arrive in the post. Which it has just done! Miracle!
pondering when the flip flops will break out (worn with jeans obviously!)
experimenting with a bracelet tutorial online- more to come on that.
stuck on a scrapbook page.
jealous of our cat!
Thanking you for stopping by! xxxxxx


Sian said...

I thought there might be some revision in there somewhere! Very best of luck with it - trampoling sounds like the perfect way to take a break. I'll have to suggest it to a certain GCSE taker I know..

Beverly said...

Right at this moment I am smiling after reading your post :) Curious as to if it was some of your quilting supplies that arrived and excited to see the bracelet you are creating :)

WendyB said...

Gorgeous sunshine isn't it. Good luck with that revision.

Lizzie said...

Ah the trampoline.. ours is still tucked up in its winter cover. We plan to remove the cover and re-assemble the net on Saturday (so I bet it rains!).
Bouncing is a good way to take a break from studying (or most other things really..) I look forward to bouncing on our trampoline next week, when I'm having a break from book-binding, Mother-sitting, boy-sorting, the dreaded housework and other Important Jobs...

Good luck with the revision; I hope you find time for your sewing project (and why not just snuggle on the floor with the cat if you envy her so much? I bet she'd like to be able to bounce!)

Have a good week. X

JO SOWERBY said...

ah revision i remember it well, and sitting outisde in the sunshine helped alot. ooh sewing sounds fun and cant wait to hear more about the bracelet tutorial. keep up the good work and trampoline breaks sound perfect for revision stress,
Jo xxx

Lynn said...

Hope revision is going well - this weather is lovely.

Lorraine said...

Love these snipits. I also like what you have done with your title AND I am jealous of your cat! : )

humel said...

Love the idea of a bouncing break! Good luck with that revision xx