8 April 2011

A Patchwork in numbers

3 different materials
49 handcut squares
each one 5x5 inches
40 ish pins
2 cotton reels
6 days start to finish
1 piece of batting
4 border strips sewn together
1 old sheet used for the backing- genius!
3 bobbins of cotton used up.
2 different tutorials combined. Found here and here.
1 major calamity regarding a border and uncooperative corners!
1 understanding mother who fixed said calamity.
3 very pin-pricked fingers.
2 (ish) hours hand sewing the back of the border

10.30 pm, 1 finished, slightly wonky, nice and soft, colourful quilt
and...one very chuffed girl who has plans (much to her mothers constination) to make one to fit her whole bed. Watch this space!

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxx


Sian said...

It's beautiful! It sounds to me as if you have a very wise mother helping you out with some nice things to think about instead of revision all the time :)

Anonymous said...

This quilt really looks awsome! Well done Abi! Cant wait for more! xxx

Cheri said...

Great job on such a pretty happy little quilt Abi! I can understand your Mom's concern about the bed size quilt though - really they are MUCH harder than lap quilts - but I know if you are determined, you can do it!

humel said...

And one gorgeous layout to come, telling the story of the gorgeous quilt? :-)

Beverly said...

BRAVO, Abi!!!! It's beautiful!!

Jo.C said...

Great job - it looks fantastic.

JO SOWERBY said...

that is beautiful abi. such a beautiful colour combination and so much hard work and love put into it. congrats,
Jo xxx

Jo said...

That is beautiful, you've done a great job

Lynn said...

Love it! Well done you - the grin on your face says it all.

Sinead said...

Well done Abi I love the quilt! making and then using something homemade is just so gratifying! Congrats and enjoy the quilt :) xx

Rachel said...

Wow this is just gorgeous Abi, i love the colours so nice and fresh, i havent made a quilt since i did 6 baby ones at xmas, think it was a bit much lol x

Rachel Brett said...

It looks amazing, well done :)