3 April 2011

Mothers Day and Patchwork progress


Today we had a really lovely time celebrating Mummy's! the boys and I treated her to a new necklace, a card and then we headed to church where we gave her a flower! Such a nice day in my opinion!

I made the card with my favourite October afternoon papers and love the way it turned out. I am really into "clashing" colours at the moment like pink, orange and red. Don't you just love the little girl and boys!

Yesterday I started on the patchwork. The cutting the pieces has to be the most boring thing but hey! I figured the neater I was here, the easier it would be later! I then took over half the lounge lying the pieces out...

I used squares that were 5x5 inches. It is a square patchwork with alternating colours to my design. I juggled the pieces around and found I was most happy with them in a square 7 squares by 7.

I then started sewing them in pairs and then in rows. At this stage the youngest brother belived I was making a, in his words "foot blanket"! So that is now what my patchwork quilt is being called! ha ha!

After I had pieced the patchwork in rows I started pressing the seams. Necessary but oh so boring! 

The next bit was so exciting: joining the rows together! I am pleased with how it has come out. There are perhaps a few wonky seams but it looks neat and at the end of the day it will just be thrown on the bed for myself.  

I am now waiting for the wadding to arrive in the post and the binding fabric. This will be the fiddly bit but it is a learning curve and I am enjoying it. I am glad I started on a small patchwork, anything bigger would have been quite daunting!

What have you been up to this weekend? Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxx


scrappyjacky said...

It's looking lovely,Abi.....gorgeous colours....and I always think patchwork looks better if it's not perfect.

Lynn said...

Looking good - I find pinning the quilt sandwich together the hardest - it will be worth it when it is finished.

Rachel Holaday said...

Hi Abi, I'm visiting from the BFS class...that's a grea photo of the flower - I'm quite partial to gerbera daisys and I even had that very color in my wedding flowers. Also, I love the fabrics you chose for the patchwork. They are very cheerful!

Jo said...

Your quilt looks great and I really love the colours that you've used

humel said...

It's beautiful - and reading your posts in reverse means I already know it turned out great! xx

Miriam said...

I am doing the same as Mel but days and days later. I can also say how beautiful this turned out x

Rachel Brett said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day and the patchwork is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the end result :)