10 April 2011

Dear Abi

Dear me of  nearly a year ago. Regarding this post

Stop stressing. I know exams are just around the corner but they come and they go and the world will keep turning. I promise.

Trust me in a years time there will be more exams, oh and a word of warning. Work for that history exam because trust me it is paying off now having only two subjects to revise for.

From experience as well, don't wake up so early to finish an essay. yep, it needs to be done but sleep is just as important. You will feel that early morning for the rest of the week. Sunday is your chance to lie in so use it! In a years time you will have far more on your plate than you do now so make sure you get your "down time". If you don't know what I am on about have a chat with the boy who is a master of it.

The RS will be fine and you are right to keep practicing, it pays off, trust me.

Keep going on the those pictures. They are lush. The video for photography turns out great. Try it in black and white- will save a bit of time!

Oh, and those prefect interviews, keep cool. It works out great ;)

A few lessons for the coming year...
you will get to the middle of september and life will come on top of you faster than you can keep it going. Breathe, count to ten and don't stress over the little things.

Take time for the boy and don't worry if you can't see each other. He is still thinking about you despite the fact you delude yourself into thinking he isn't.

Your blog will get periodically blocked by the school most of lent term. Don't scream or cry despite wanting to. Vent to the boy by all means and utilise friends who have computers at home! It will get unblocked eventually.

Biggest lesson you will learn this year though is to RELAX. hence why during Easter in 2011 you will get up to this...
and this..

and yep, it is April and yeah you are in shorts! Incredible!

Love your older (not so much wiser) self. xxx

Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to read this post a year on!


JO SOWERBY said...

wow what a brilliant letter to urself abi. i remember all the things ur going through at the moment as both a student and a teacher prepping students. enjoy ur Easter hols and revision. when u look back in 30 years time, u'll be so glad u did it all and have an amazing life of wonderful memories and friends to share it all with,
love Jo xxxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I adore this post!!! It makes me want to go back and see what I was up to in my life (not just in my art/photography) and write a letter to myself.

Cheri said...

The advice about relaxing and not sweating the small stuff will be just as relevant 5, 10, 20, even 40 years from now Abi! It is a lesson we have to continually remind ourselves of - glad you are starting to get it so young!

Sian said...

Great post! You have a wise head on young shoulders Abi :)

debs14 said...

What a lovely post, I hope you listen to yourself - you're talking a lot of sense here!

Lizzie said...

This is such a fun idea and such a great letter! Wouldn't it be interesting, to find a way to really "post a letter" to past selves? Though, as they say in Star Trek - Prime Directive - don't mess with the Timeline because unexpected things happen.
Perhaps the way to learn about life, really, is to Live It... but you have learned from your experience. Perhaps you should pin this up where you study - to remind you to take your own advice in the future!!
Enjoy the rest of your Easter holidays - you look as if you were having so much fun. We got our trampoline out of hibernation on Saturday and our Boy was bouncing about (me too!!)

Miriam said...

This is such a fabulous post Abi and one I would like to try, have a great Easter break with 'no stress' :)