10 July 2011

Big Changes

With the end of school come some seriously big changes. I have never been one for change and this is change in  its biggest form.

Not only do I lose a sense of security in not being at school there is also a sense of change for the boy and me. We have been together three years and for most of those three years we have seen each other every day. Next year I am taking a gap year and he is off to uni. I have had to come to realise that it won't be as straightforward as being at school.

Thankfully we have had a lot of practice with being over two hours away from each other on school holidays. Still, it is something that is going to take a bit of getting used to. At first these changes really scared me but I have come to realise that this is a natural transition. Life has to move on and I have to adapt to that.

One form of therapy for this is to scrapbook it. I wanted to make a totally different page with lots of journalling. I wanted to document the memories and good times the boy and I have had as well as addressing the changes that are up ahead and the list of "safety mechanisms" we can use to make sure we still keep in contact.

The page came together very easily. Just three simple pictures and then different journalling spots. I moved these elements around the page until I was happy with the composition. I then added scraps of paper to add colour. Allthough the page is quite girly I tried to grunge it a bit with staples and distressing.

More than anything the page represents a turning point and recognition. Rather than running away from the worries of the next year I have tried to put them down on paper. In a strange sense it is a form of rationality for a very irrational person!

There are big changes ahead but also really exciting ones!

What big changes have you had to face recently? Advice would be grreatly appreciated!

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Rachel said...

this is a lovely page and great thoughts surrounding it, You seem like a very strong couple so im sure it will just fly by! Enjoy your gap year, one of my biggest regrets really, as cant just have a work off year and still pay mortgage bills etc, make the most of it while you can xx

Beverly said...

Abi, I think you and the Boy have two strong tools going into this time....maturity and your faith in God. One important thing is to communicate, not just stay in communcation but really communicate with each other about what you are feeling, experiencing. Another is to total embrace the opportunities that come up, sometimes it will be hard because the other is sitting at home/uni but being active helps you become the people God intends you to be. At eighteen there will be many days that seem to drag but when you look back on this period of your lives it will have flown.